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Cheyenne Jackson Splits From Husband, Shaves Head, Grows Mustache, Gets “Prison Tattoos”

The Hollywood heartbreak bug bites again this week, as sources close to Broadway babe Cheyenne Jackson confirm he has fled New York City and split from Monte Lapka, his husband of nearly two years, to reportedly move in with a new boyfriend in West Hollywood.

Jackson and his new boyfriend — who has been described as a “very young man”— were seen canoodling for the first time since his split last weekend at a pool party in Hollywood. A source tells Queerty Jackson arrived in swimwear, spent most of the evening “talking about himself” and showed off his brand-new tattoos:

“Cheyenne has shaved his head, covered his once gorgeous body in what I can only describe as prison tattoos and is now sporting a handlebar mustache. His inner arm has a tattoo of the AA slogan ‘Life on life’s terms.’ The other ones look like they were done by an inmate at San Quentin.”

Previously, Jackson had said his move to Los Angeles and the ‘stache were due to a recently landed movie role.

Jackson and Lapka seemed like the perfect couple, but, hey, with marriage equality will come the occasional sorrowful break-up. We wish both men much future happiness.

Tags: actor / actress, broadway / theatre, lgbtq / rights, music / musician

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