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Jennifer López gets shot down from ‘The Voice’

According to sources, J.Lo — who’s recently been in hot water for making millions from privately singing for dictators and despots — offered her services to the NBC show as a guest star for its season finale. The answer was, “No thanks.”

“She made a formal offer to be on the show,” said an insider. “They said no to that.”

An NBC rep confirmed that Lopez offered to be on the finale, but said she didn’t make the cut due to scheduling issues.

However, our source added that J.Lo was further angling to be one of the “Voice” mentors, which was also shot down. “She also submitted herself to have a recurring role,” the source said. “When you submit yourself to be a performer, the show can see how [the fans] and ratings react to your episode. But, they said no to both.”

Cher performed on the June finale. Mentors have included Sheryl Crow, Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong, Michael Bublé, Mary J. Blige and Pharrell Williams, but names have yet to be unveiled for upcoming Season 5.

An NBC rep told Page Six of J.Lo’s “Voice” rejection: “It was simply a matter of timing. The producers love Jennifer Lopez and tried to make it work, but due to the show’s format it just didn’t allow for another solo performance.” Another source close to the show added, “Cher was booked months in advance. There was only room left for someone to do duets [with the finalists]. But the genres were country and EDM [electronic dance music] — which did not seem like a natural pairing.”

Around the same time as the “Voice” finale, speculation began swirling that J.Lo could rejoin rival “American Idol” after she’d appeared on the Fox show’s finale.

But don’t cry for J.Lo: She was spotted on a Bridgehampton beach Sunday with boy toy Casper Smart after buying a $10 million Water Mill home. Her rep didn’t get back to us.


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