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Robert Kazinsky cries over spiders


Pacific Rim star Robert Kazinsky is so scared of spiders he cried when one jumped onto his pillow recently.

The Pacific Rim actor plays a fearless vampire in popular series True Blood and a brave ranger in summer blockbuster Pacific Rim. When it comes to real life however, Robert isn't quite so heroic.

"I'm massively scared of spiders. Even small ones scare the life out of me," he confessed to the British edition of OK! magazine.

"Recently I was in bed and something went bang and hit me on the forehead. I turned on the light and suddenly I saw this spider the size of a golf ball on my pillow. I just stood there for about 30 seconds before screaming for my housemate, who just wouldn't wake up!"

The UK star has mastered some pretty tough situations in the past, such as uprooting his life to move to LA and further his career. However, the incident with his eight-legged friend didn't go as smoothly as his career.

"I was crying the whole time! I got a can of Raid and started spraying it at it, but it went under my pillow!" he laughed.

"I was absolutely terrified, so put on all my motorcycle gear - full leathers, even my helmet, so there was no way the spider could get through!

"I chased it around the room for about 20 minutes until it curled up and died. I had to sleep on the sofa until the next day, when I got my housemate to move it."

Robert began his career with a role in British TV soap EastEnders. He's worked hard to star in Hollywood movies, which means certain things have had to fall by the wayside.

"I'm married to my job. I'm obsessed with my work and I run myself into the ground every single day. Unfortunately a lot of other pursuits have to take a back seat," he answered when asked about his love life.

"Christy Turlington is my dream woman. I haven't met her, but she's married to Edward Burns, who is far more talented and handsome than I am, and I think she's out of my league!"


alright ONTD, fess up! What are your biggest fears?

I'm terrified of house geckos/lizards.
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