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Mariah Carey sticking to sensible shoes

Mariah Carey has been avoiding high heels since her fall.

Although the 'Hero' singer is known for her love of stilettos, her husband Nick Cannon says she has decided to stick to flat shoes while she recovers from a dislocated shoulder, cracked rib and chipped shoulder bone that she suffered after falling on the set of her video for the remix of 'Beautiful'.

Nick - who was directing the video when the incident occurred - told E! News: ''She's feeling a lot better and taking it one day at a time.

''She's only in [her heels] when she needs to be in them, like when she had her [Hurricane Sandy relief benefit] concert in Central Park. She's just being very careful.''

Despite his wife's reputation for being a diva, Nick insists she is down to earth and even picks up after their dogs, which include a new Jack Russell puppy.

He said: ''[She cleans up after the dogs] probably more than I do. She doesn't have any problem with that. She loves taking care of her dogs. She's just a regular person.

''Our new puppy's name is The Reverend Pow Jackson. He's two and a half months old and it's cool because we're here hanging out with all these other dogs.''


Hope she gets some Dr. Scholls inserts or something!!!! Can't let the shoe collection go to waste!

Tags: health problems, mariah carey

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