The most terrifying responses to our One Direction covers.

Here at GQ, we like to think we listen to our readers. However when we unveiled One Direction as the cover stars of our September issue last night, we weren't quite prepared for how many tweets we would receive in such a short space of time. (In fact, the response was so large that briefly crashed under the strain). While most were positive, and some less so, a few frankly had us fearing for our lives. Although the issue doesn't even go on sale until Thursday, a lot of the band's fan base took issue with certain cover lines, in particular one on Harry Styles' cover, "He's Up All Night To Get Lucky." It just goes to show: hell hath no fury like a Directioner scorned.

Warning: the following article contains serious abuses of Caps Lock.

We're still debating how to respond. To the rest of you, consider your feedback noted.

This troll-tastic mess is out Thursday. These kids sure have a vivid imagination.