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Rihanna ‘enlisting help of psychic as she is paranoid about losing her fame’

Rihanna is reportedly so worried about losing her fame because of her hectic lifestyle, shes’ seeing a psychic.

If she’s not on stage performing for her fans, she’s in the studio, on Twitter or lapping up the life of luxury on a yacht with pals.

Constantly doing something, the 25-year-old has also turned superstitious and has invested in a Buddhist fortune-teller and a psychic for help.

‘Rihanna is exhausted at the moment and feeling lonely,’ a source said.

‘She’s worried her fans could turn against her and is also convinced she’ll lose her fame.

‘It’s made her really superstitious. She sees signs and omens in normal events.

‘Rihanna has been to see a psychic and a fortune-teller, and asked for a look into her future.’

But in addition to her physcic, she’s also got best pal Cara Delevingne on side to help her out.

The source added to The Sun: ‘She has also been spending more and more time with model Cara Delevingne.

‘She has a phone that only Cara and her mum can reach her on. When they are together they stay up all night talking and drinking.

‘Cara is the person she turns to for everything these days, especially when she’s feeling down.

‘They speak and text constantly and are trying to spend as much time together as possible.

‘Rihanna’s bodyguards have a nightmare because they disappear down stairwells and out side doors and go out on childish jaunts when they are out together.’
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