Teen Wolf 3.09 "The Girl Who Knew Too Much’ Recap Post

Teen Wolf season 3, episode 9 just finished airing! Come read our recap and discuss “The Girl Who Knew Too Much” with your fellow fans.

Teen Wolf season 3, episode 9 “The Girl Who Knew Too Much” began with the deputy walking through the school alone because someone called 911. When we hear the creepy chant through her radio, know that something is wrong.

And it most definitely is. The deputy sees her own dead body before she is strangled from behind by the Darach. Lydia shows up without meaning to and, learning from her past run-in with Stiles, calls him, Allison, and Scott to find the body.

The next day at school Scott and Stiles devise a plan to talk to Ethan. Unfortunately, they have to go through Aiden in order to do that, but Lydia seems to be the perfect distraction. Their time in the closet is cut short, however, when someone draws the spiral of vengeance on the window.

Ethan tells Scott and Stiles that he and Aiden were omegas when Deucalion found them. He taught them how to control their ability, and the twins subsequently killed each member of their pack, including their Alpha. It’s because of this that they owe Deucalion so much and stay loyal to him.

Back in the locker room we see Cora attacking Aiden. Ethan can feel it, and he, Scott, and Stiles come to Cora’s rescue. Ethan calls Aiden off, but not before Cora gets severely injured.

Teen Wolf Stiles The Girl Who Knew Too Much

Scott sent Isaac to keep an eye on Allison, but she finds him out. Together they look at what Allison’s father has been working on and, underneath the map, they see a Celtic five-fold knot. In each of the circles, we see the groups of sacrifices that the Darach has been killing.

While Jennifer and Derek enjoy a short-lived reunion, Stiles takes Cora home. On his way, Allison tells him that she thinks his father could be in trouble. He agrees to tell his dad, and needs Cora to help him.

Meanwhile, Scott goes to Morrell and flat-out asks her if she’s the killer. She denies it and her steady heartbeat backs up her story. She does have a warning for Scott, though: Deucalion wants a True Alpha in his pack, but if Scott won’t join his pack by choice, he’ll force him to kill.

When another teacher is taken, Lydia stumbles upon the room and, in some sort of trance, writes the number two on the board in the middle of a symbol that mysteriously showed up when he had turned his back. She screams right before it cuts to a commercial.

In the next scene, Stiles tries to convince his father that werewolves exist. After a hilarious scene of him trying to keep all the facts straight (“Deaton is a kanima?”), he tells Stiles to cut it out. As a last ditch effort, Stiles tells Cora to change, but she passes out right before she can.

Teen Wolf Melissa Sheriff The Girl Who Knew Too Much

Allison goes after her father, convinced he’s the one that is killing everyone. Isaac doesn’t think it’s a good idea, but follows her anyway. They see the Darach, and it’s then that her father comes out and shoots at it. But the Darach escapes.

At the rehearsal, Ethan tells Danny that if anything happens, he’s to find him. Lydia tells Scott that she’s going to stop fighting the feeling, and maybe she’ll be able to save someone in time. Meanwhile, Derek is with Cora in the hospital. Something seems to be very wrong with her.

Lydia gets a text from Aiden to meet her, and she leaves reluctantly. However, when she reaches the classroom, Jennifer is there waiting, and hits her over the head.

As Jennifer plans to kill Lydia, Lydia screams and we finally find out what she is: A banshee.

Back in the concert hall, a piano wire kills a woman and everyone runs screaming. Back in the classroom, the sheriff points his gun at Jennifer, but she throws the knife at him and it lands in his shoulder. Scott shows up to fight Jennifer, but she’s just too strong for him.

As Stiles watches from the other side of the door, Jennifer takes the sheriff away and the episode ends.


Better than last weeks tho the reveals were predictable yet satisfying I guess. Stilinski family feels, Hale feels, Meriff, and kinda happy about the development (as minimal as it was).