Psy reveals he drinks all the time: ‘If I’m happy, I’m drinking. If I’m sad, I’m drinking’

Psy says he’s drinking all the time. "If it's raining, I'm drinking. If it's sunny, I'm drinking," he says in an interview with the Sunday Times magazine.

"Gangnam Style" rapper Psy is undoubtedly a party starter, but the Korean pop star revealed he may have a problem knowing when to stop partying.

"If I'm happy, I'm drinking," Psy, 35, told the Sunday Times magazine. "If I'm sad, I'm drinking. If it's raining, I'm drinking. If it's sunny, I'm drinking."

The only time the "Gentleman" singer isn't drinking?

"When I'm hungover," he says, adding that it happens "a lot."

Psy is also quoted as saying Korean vodka is his "best friend" and "vice partner," but he enjoys "whiskey, vodka, tequila, whatever."
The revealing interview with the K-pop star digs a little deeper into Psy's past. He briefly opens up about his childhood with an abusive father, a cigarette addiction, and a stint in jail for marijuana possession.

what's ur favourite drinks? or what drinks don't u like? gin or dark rum are my go-to spirits. won't touch white rum, black vodka ever again tho