Kween Tilda Swinton and Captain America Grace Korea With Their Fabulous Presence for "SNOWPIERCER"

The stars of the upcoming film ‘Snowpiercer,’ Chris Evans and Tilda Swinton came to Korea on July 28.

The global film project ‘Snowpiercer’ has almost arrived in theaters. To have a VIP premiere of the film, main cast members Tilda Swinton and Chris Evans are currently visiting Korea.

On July 28, the two actors arrived at Incheon Airport and so many fans gave a huge welcome to the two stars. The British actress Tilda Swinton shook hands with each one of them at the gate and ‘Captain America’ Chris Evans waved his hands with a big smile and thanked all of them through Twitter. Chris Evans seemed so surprised to see many fans waiting at the airport with the tickets of the film ‘Snowpiercer’ and his portrait photos.

On July 29, today, the two will attend the world premiere and red carpet event of 'Snowpiercer' at CGV Youngdeungpo in Seoul. It is expected that they will be seeing another big crowd of fans welcoming them at the red carpet. Meanwhile, ‘Snowpiercer’ directed by Bong Joon-Ho has been chosen as the most expected film of the year and it will be released in Korea on August 1.

To give you a refresher on Chris Evans and Tilda Swinton's roles in the film, here's what they look like:

Chris Evans as Curtis, the rebel leader of the Tail Section.

Tilda Swinton as Mason, the dictatorial prime minister of the Front Section.

And to refresh yourself on what "Snowpiercer" is all about, here's the full international trailer:

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YASSSSSSSSSSSSSSS MA'AM! Koreans have perfect and flawless taste, bless my East Asian neighbors! <3 And what kind of manna from heaven did they get from shaking the flaw-free hands of Kween Tilda? Your basic actress lessers could never with her gloriousness...

OMFG sooooo fucking excited for August! "Snowpiercer" will come to slay and dominate and the flop blockbusters will fucking deal.