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Lana Del Rey Music: New Versions of Maha Maha & Golden Grill

Producer Princess Superstar who worked with Lana Del Rey in 2009, shared the final version of 'Maha Maha' and the official remix of 'Golden Grill' today.

princess superstar

Maha Maha (Final Version)

New version of Maha Maha, kindly shared by Princess Superstar

LanaDelReyNow interviewed Pricess Superstar about her sessions with Lana.

Princess Superstar is Concetta Kirschner, a rapper DJ and producer based in New York. She worked with Lana back in 2009, one of the tracks they worked on together (Moi Je Joue) leaked online last year. We contacted Princess Superstar to ask her a few questions about her experiences with Lana Del Rey AKA Lizzy Grant. Here’s what she had to say:

Q: Some may already know that you were the person who introduced Lana to one of her current managers, Ben Mawson, who has had a big effect on her career. Can you explain how the meeting came about?

A: [Lana and I] were working together and I really believed in her, so I introduced her to my then lawyer, Ben Mawson, who I knew was a hustler in the music biz. We all met at the Bowery Hotel in New York, I played him the music and then he became her manager.

Q: Could you tell us more about any other tracks we haven’t heard?

A: There are a few others, not really sure - it was the past, I am on to other things now. But they were definitely more creative, interesting and happy songs. In my opinion, cooler than the vibe she has now, which is pretty dark.

Q: Which track from your sessions together are you most fond of?

A: This incredible song called “Maha".

Q: Do you recall Lana’s personal favourite?

A: That was her favorite too, I think.

Read the full interview here

Princess Superstar’s upcoming album “The New Evolution” is out April 15th. Check her out HERE!

Golden Grill (Nyceboy Remix) (Official)

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The Gods of July have been good to us. Leaks falling from the sky y'all.
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