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The White Queen episode 8 preview - What's your plan? + episode 8 press release

Stanley confronts Margaret about her ambitions for her son and how she will achieve them.

Elizabeth is concerned that Edward is allowing Henry Tudor to return from exile, but having fought off many foes, including his brother, Edward reveals that he wants his enemies close.
Edward suddenly becomes extremely ill and on his deathbed he names his brother Richard as Lord Protector. King Edward IV dies (finally omg) leaving Elizabeth devastated; she is no longer Queen and her fortunes have faded. She desperately looks to her brother Anthony, and sons, Thomas and Richard Grey, for support, as she knows she can trust them.

Richard Grey is charged with bringing her young son Prince Edward to London from Wales so he can be crowned quickly. The sons of York’s mother Cecily warns them that Elizabeth will feel threatened by his new status as Lord Protector of the king-in-waiting. Anne is quick to encourage him to crown himself king, as Prince Edward is only a child and it will lead to more war.

Things escalate when Richard captures the child Prince Edward from Richard Grey on their way to London and houses him in the Tower. This is against Elizabeth’s wishes and, fearing for her family’s safety, she flees into sanctuary. She curses Richard as she plans to raise a rebellion against him.

Margaret Beaufort is overjoyed with the King Edward IV’s death; she reasons that if Elizabeth and Richard fight each other, then her son can take on the exhausted victor and make himself king. She plots for all she’s worth, with a go-between between herself and Elizabeth, avoiding detection when Richard accuses Stanley of treason and raids their house.

Richard also fears Elizabeth’s brother, Anthony Rivers, is plotting against him and has him executed, along with Elizabeth’s son Richard Grey. Fearing for her other sons, she sends her second York prince, Richard, to Flanders in secret, giving Richard a changeling to lock in the Tower in his place with her other son Prince Edward.

Margaret Beaufort has the idea that if they agree to help Elizabeth fight Richard, her daughter Princess Elizabeth could wed Henry Tudor to secure Henry’s claim to the throne. However, Stanley reminds her that they must appear to stay loyal to both sides, so they both support Richard as he crowns himself King of England – Richard III. muffled rap music plays

and everything officially goes downhill from here

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