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More Being Human (US) News!

SyFy’s Being Human creator and writer Anna Fricke, along with cast members Sam Witwer, Sam Huntington, Meaghan Rath and Kristin Hager, hosted a lively panel at Comic-Con International in San Diego, filled with jokes and amusing anecdotes, not to mention sneaking in a tidbit or two about the upcoming season.

Witwer began by talking about his favorite scene they had filmed for the show, saying at first that he liked any scene where all of the actors were in it together before adding, “I like the scene where Meaghan dies.”

The actress shot the actor a look and shook her head at him before laughing. This led to them discussing one of the props that was used for the scene — a dummy dead body of the actress, to which they said a number of odd things happened.

Rath smiled, quipping, “How can you not make out with a dummy of yourself?”

The actress wanted to keep the dummy as a souvenir, but the special effects guy would not let her have it. Generally, he did not let people take his props home, though Rath said he once made an exception when an actress threatened to sue him for keeping her likeness. “He chopped it up,” she said, and then put the parts in trash bags. “Then he dumped them on her front porch.”

Asked if there was any difficulty transitioning into a regular cast member on the show last season, Hader responded, “No. Honestly, these guys are the best co-stars I could ask for. I felt accepted with open arms. I was hoping my character would have moved into the house.”

Huntington joked, “We’re all starting to talk to her, even when we don’t have to.”

“We will see more of Aidan’s past life,” Witwer said of his character possibly having more flashbacks, joking the upcoming season will include an ’80s flashback involving his character as a pilot along with Goose in Top Gun school. “Except in this version, Goose is turned (into a zombie).” More seriously, Witwer did confirm “there will be some familiar faces showing up next season (in flashbacks).”

As for if whether or not the show will feature a “Big Bad” this season, Fricke said it will happen, but not right away.

Sam Huntingdon gets a little randy with the microphone
“We didn’t want to introduce someone in the first episode who was going to be, ‘I am going to kill you … later,’” she said, adding that this doesn’t mean fans should expect the characters to have an easy season. “They are totally screwed. No one wants to see them happy.”

Perhaps due to the typical struggles of the characters in the show, Hager said one of the big surprises in the previous season was that the wedding of Nora went so smoothly. “There was talk of Nora’s wedding being a bloody wedding, and it wasn’t,” Hager said. “It was normal. That’s what made it so surreal, because nothing normal happens on the show.”

A female fan asked Witwer how he is able to create such expressive faces on the show to which the actor deadpanned, “The truth is that I am a stop motion character. I am literally claymation.”

The actor then gave a more detailed explanation. “You just stand in front of a mirror and suck in your cheeks like this,” the actor said, launching into a flurry of facial expressions doing just that, with each succeeding expression being more ridiculous than the last. Then, Witwer got excited and declared he wanted to create a “Godzilla moment” with actor Huntington. Witwer ran over to one of the projection screens and stood before it while Huntington pretended to be a ferocious monster on the big screen attacking him.

Seconds later Witwer came bounding back up onto the stage asking Huntington excitedly, “Did you see what I did? I pretended to shoot at you and then I threw the gun at you, because sometimes that works in movies!”

Another random and funny moment came when Rath asked the audience, “Who wants to see Sam Huntington deep throat a mike?” The audience cheered, and the actor obliged, pretending to do just that, declaring afterwards, “This is going to be all over You Tube.”

Turned its attention back to the show, the panel shared a trailer of the next season. The most significant reveal hinted at a possible Aidan and Allie Sally relationship. When the lights came back on in the room the two actors pretended to make out. Asked if they wanted to see such a relationship happen in the next season, the audience seemed divided.

Witwer was then asked why his character continues to try dating considering his love interests keep dying.

“Man, it will work out this time!” Witwer responded, before taking on a more serous tone and warning the audience, “Don’t date guys with spiky hair (which his character has), they’re douchebags.”

Asked who had the weirdest fan encounter, Hager said, “I’ll take this one.” She talked about how the cast would often sign photos for fans, and how it was not a big deal for them to do so. One fan in particular requested a photo of her, which she had signed, and he went to the production office to pick it up.

“He came back with a gift. It was perfume and a holiday card,” she said. Oddly enouhg, however, the card was not decorated for the holidays — it was just a picture of an unadorned house in the fall with dead leaves all around it. “I didn’t know what to make of the picture.”

Rath turned, smiled at Hager and said, “It’s a good thing to know where you will die.”

Another fan came up and introduced herself as Audrey. Huntington remarked that his daughter had the same name, leading to Rath theorize that it was actually his daughter from the future. The entire cast pretended to shocked and started to stare at the fan, while Untington asked, “Are you my daughter?”

When the fan said no, Rath pretended to do the “not the father” dance seen on shows like “Maury Povich” and Witwer responded by doing the “you are the father” sad look.

With the panel nearly finished, Rath yelled, “Any more questions for Sam Witwer?” before throwing a water bottle down and pretending to storm off the stage before rejoining the group for an on-stage photo pose.

Being Human returns for a fourth season in January on Syfy.


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Thought we could use another Being Human post since we hardly get them! Still no upload of the whole panel, unfortunately. The most interesting things I found from all these interviews is Anna Fricke did confirm in one that Kyle Schmid (Henry) was coming back for at least one episode. Also, Sam Witwer says we will finally find out once and for all why Aidan has yet to end it all, one weakness to being a vampire. Right after someone asked why we never see vampires as ghosts to which Sam pretended not to hear him. I 100% think it's because vampires do not have an afterlife like humans do. Once they die, it's the end of their existence. Anna also confirmed that Josh as an always wolf would only last a few episodes.
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