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And The Scalding Hot Tabloid Tea Continues to Spill on Lady GaGa: Sex, Lies, and ARTPOP Edition

LADY GAGA is now such a slave to her outrageous stage persona she cannot switch it off even when she has SEX, shocked insiders revealed yesterday.

The raunchy pop superstar has turned into a maneater whose bizarre and kinky antics are threatening to jeopardise her career, according to members of her inner circle.

One fearful pal said bluntly as a former member of the singer’s crew also spoke out: “She has completely lost her mind.”

The chum lifted the lid on how the 27-year-old New Yorker — real name Stefani Germanotta — has convinced herself she IS the alter ego fans see on stage.

The personality disorder is so total that her own mother — who sent her to be educated at a strict Catholic girls school — now calls her by her new name.

The friend said: “Nobody calls her Stefani. Even her mum calls her Gaga."

She can no longer tell the difference between reality and performance.”

Her pal added: “It is like she is living her entire life in this alternate universe that she has created.”

The transformation means the Poker Face singer — once painfully insecure about her looks — is now sex mad.

The former crew member even described the singer as a “monster” — as the mega-star’s friend told how she:

BEDS fellas while putting on an extravagant Gaga-style “performance” complete with “weird stuff”.

LOVES to have sex where there is a risk strangers will see her.

REFUSES to take no for an answer if she sees a guy she fancies.

Drink more of this delicious GaGa tabloid tea at the ( SOURCE ).

Uh, you mean this hot mess?

Et tu, ONTD? Will you be ready to clap your hands in applause for Mother Monster's impending comeback?
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