Disney has some gems that are worth dusting off from time to time. They’re the movies for which you would happily forsake all other things just to watch if they air on television. Since they sadly aren’t on right at this moment, let’s just remind ourselves of these hidden treasures

7. The Rescuers Down Under

If you’re looking for love, this movie has a proposal (several attempts, in fact). If you’re looking for dashing rogues, Jake’s your man (er, mouse). And of course, there’s always the trusty albatross Wilbur, voiced by none other than John Candy.

6. Pete’s Dragon

Let’s review the important plot points: Pete has a dragon friend, Elliot, who is mischievous and can turn himself invisible. And they go to live in a lighthouse where we first hear “Candle on the Water” and then get it stuck in our heads forever.

5. Bedknobs and Broomsticks

Another mix of live action and animation. Add in Angela Lansbury, and it’s magical (it probably has something to do with her being an apprentice witch and all).

3. The Sword in the Stone

Wart (interesting nickname, but it works) learns how to become King Arthur. But Mad Madam Mim kind of steals the show with all her crazy. Except for perhaps Archimedes who definitely wins best owl laugh in our books.

1. The Brave Little Toaster

Isn’t this image enough? Just look at that smile.


Any of your faves on here?