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Secret Classics 2013: Air Maroney is back, and more!

15.600 (RIP old Amanar SV, McKayla always deserved her higher scores on it)

HOFFMAN ESTATES, Ill., July 27, 2013 – 2012 Olympic team gold-medalist Kyla Ross of Aliso Viejo, Calif./Gym-Max, won the senior all-around title at the 2013 Secret U.S. Classic at the Sears Centre Arena in Hoffman Estates, Ill. Finishing behind Ross, who earned a 58.650, were Peyton Ernst of Coppell, Texas/Texas Dreams Gymnastics, with 58.250 points and Brenna Dowell of Odessa, Mo./GAGE, with 57.200 points.

2012 Olympic team gold-medalist McKayla Maroney of Long Beach, Calif./All Olympia, made her return to competition at the Secret U.S. Classic. She easily won the vault title, showing her trademark Amanar and a round-off, half-on, front layout full for her second vault, averaging 15.425 points.

Ross began on the balance beam, where she sailed smoothly through a back handspring, layout series and a double-tuck dismount for a score of 14.650 points, the second-highest beam score for the senior division. After recording a 13.400 on floor exercise, Ross moved to the vault, where her clean double -twisting Yurchenko netted15.200 points. On her final event, the uneven bars, Ross won the event's title by scoring 15.400 points. Her intricate routine featured a toe-on Shaposhnikova with a half turn, also known as a Van Leeuwen, and double layout dismount.

Ernst earned the balance beam's highest score, 14.700, and the second-highest score on floor, 14.500. On both events, Ernst highlighted her impressive flexibility, doing a switch ring leap and a front aerial to sheep jump on beam, and her floor routine had a switch ring-full in addition to an Arabian double front into a stag jump.

Lexie Priessman of Cincinnati Gymnastics/Cincinnati Gymnastics, won the floor title with a 14.800. She tumbled a double-twisting, double tuck, a full twisting double layout, a one-and-a-half twist through to a double pike and a full twisting double tuck dismount.

The 2013 Secret U.S. Classic served as the final qualifier to the 2013 P&G U.S. Championships. Based on results from the Secret U.S. Classic, two gymnasts who had not previously qualified earned berths to the P&G Championships: Madison Desch of Lenexa, Kan./GAGE, and Erin Macadaeg of Redwood City, Calif./San Mateo Gymnastics.

The 2013 P&G Gymnastics Championships, scheduled for Aug. 15-18 in Hartford, Conn., is USA Gymnastics' national championships and determines U.S. champions and national team members. For more information, go to pgchamps.com.

McKayla Maroney (she only did two events, in Nationals she'll do the AA (btw she has a Van Leeuwen on the bars!):

The Moosty that isn't actually a Moosty: 15.250 (every time she stands this vault up I'm going to cry a little inside)

New floor routine. Save for the OOB on the DLO it's looking good. Sadly, she took out her 3.5 twist (hopefully we'll see it back!) but the double Arabian is gorge unf dat form. Apparently the highest execution form of all Seniors too, yay.

Kyla Ross:


13.650 (needs more work but already better than the Phantom routine)


15.400. yay her Shapoosh is looking neater.

Simone Biles:

13.700. She'll have to work on her consistency and harnessing her power better. But that second pass is ridic. Hopefully we'll see the tripple-double sometime in the quad.

Maggie Nichols:

Lexie Priessman:

Breanna Dowell:

14.050 (too bad she couldn't get in all the cool connections she was training. Also Al Fong not wearing gloves! /gasp)

Peyton Ersnt:


Probably a racist MyKayla Skinner:

Cheng vault: 15.250


McKayla, Kyla and their adopted Filipino baby tyfyt. PS: sorry if this gets sent twice mods, I got an error message the first time, but just disregard the extra post if it doubles up.
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