Mariah Carey album cover leaked

A fan at ATRL surreptitiously discovered what might be the cover to Mariah's upcoming studio album, "The Art of Letting Go."

I work at Target, and this is what part of our ad looks like this week:

However, in our black and white copy of the ad (which shows us the item numbers so that team members can search our inventory for the sale items when guests ask), the Smurfs 2 soundtrack is replaced with Mariah's album.

I know it was pushed back awhile ago, I guess this week was the original release date. I wonder why the black and white ad didn't change? Did y'all know what the album cover looked like before now?

I searched for the item number on it and it links to the Smurfs 2 Soundtrack.

EDIT: Here's some more close up pictures of the album cover. It's not great because it's in black and white and less than an inch long