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Puberty's Greatest Masterpiece, Matthew Lewis, Talks New Movie + The New English Verb, "Longbottom"

America’s last taste of Matthew Lewis was as Neville Longbottom, the beloved, bumbling Gryffindor of the Harry Potter world. But in his new movie Wasteland, in limited release today, he pulls a Daniel Radcliffe — code for "taking on a role vastly different than the one you're known for" — as Dobb, a somewhat brutish Yorkshire lad who helps his friend get back at an evil drug lord. Their elaborate scheme involves bows, arrows, and safe cracking. We spoke to Lewis about the project, bonding with his new castmates, and Longbottom, the verb.

I don’t know if you’re aware, but fans have taken to using Neville Longbottom, your Harry Potter character’s name, as a verb, to describe when a character grows up and transforms into an attractive adult.

I was not until you just told me, but that makes me very proud. That’s not something I ever expected. We’ve entered the vernacular! It’s very humbling. The fan base of Harry Potter is so fantastic; even now, a few years since the final one coming out, they’re still going strong. They’re really a great bunch of fans. You think once the film is finished people will disappear, but they’re keeping it going.

Did you and your new castmates get together before you filmed to build a camaraderie?

We absolutely did. It was one of the first things Rowen [Athale, the writer-director] said to me in our first meeting. He said he’d written the script, but from his own perspective — there is only so much dialogue you can write, especially when it comes to that kind of banter [in the movie], which comes really naturally. So there was a lot of ad-libbing we did together. Rowen was very keen on us improvising some scenes and wanted us all to be good pals. I think a lot of the budget went to us drinking before shooting. We went around Leeds, I had a few of the lads over to my house to play poker and have a few beers. Just becoming familiar with each other, really, so when we had these scenes we could take the piss out of each other and be as comfortable and funny as possible.

Are you a poker shark? Did you bring them over and take all their money?

I wish! I play until the end and lose all my money.

The rest of Magnificent Matt's interview at the ( SOURCE ).

So it would seem that he's absolute shit at poker, which means we should all definitely challenge him to a game of strip poker, y'all! One item of clothing at a time until we get to see perfection unclothed, UNF! And NGL, but I would do so many NSFW sex things to this fucking sexy beast that I can't even do to Draco Malfoy and Pocket Prince Radcliffe. GUHHHHHH...

Did puberty bless you with good Longbottom karma, ONTD? Or do you know someone who started out as an ugly duckling but became a fierce and flawless HBIC white swan later in life?
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