Brent 360 (brent360) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,
Brent 360

Puberty's Greatest Masterpiece, Matthew Lewis, Talks New Movie + The New English Verb, "Longbottom"

America’s last taste of Matthew Lewis was as Neville Longbottom, the beloved, bumbling Gryffindor of the Harry Potter world. But in his new movie Wasteland, in limited release today, he pulls a Daniel Radcliffe — code for "taking on a role vastly different than the one you're known for" — as Dobb, a somewhat brutish Yorkshire lad who helps his friend get back at an evil drug lord. Their elaborate scheme involves bows, arrows, and safe cracking. We spoke to Lewis about the project, bonding with his new castmates, and Longbottom, the verb.

Don't deny you want this sexy Gryffindor to whip out his wand and do some love sex magic with you, ONTD...Collapse )
Tags: actor / actress, british celebrities, harry potter, interview

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