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Lana Del Rey Teases 'Tropico' Mini-Movie With Vintage Poster

tropico tease


Indie pop singer Lana Del Rey unveiled the poster for her upcoming mini-movie, "Tropico," on Friday.

In the photo, the singer stands in the Garden of Eden with a snake around her arms. Del Rey shot the "Tropico" mini-movie last month in L.A. with director Anthony Mandler. The 30-minute film will see a new story unfold to her songs "Bel Air," "Gods & Monsters," and "Body Electric."

All aforementioned tracks were featured on Del Rey's "Paradise" EP. "TROPICO - a 30 minute film coming to a city near your. Premier dates coming soon. Lots of Love, Lana Del Rey," she wrote on Twitter about the mini-movie's release. On the vintage-styled movie poster, Del Rey wears leaves like Eve from the Biblical story of "Adam & Eve." She lets a snake wrap around her arms. The photo also makes reference to the lyrics of her song "Gods & Monsters." She sings, "In the land of Gods and Monsters, I was an angel living in the garden of evil."

The "Tropico" mini-movie should be released soon. Meanwhile, Del Rey is currently burning up the U.S. music charts with her single, "Summertime Sadness." The dreary song follows her cinematic ballad, "Young & Beautiful," which became the singer's biggest hit earlier this year.

tropico lana tweets - Copie (2)
Photo by Chuck Grant (Lana's sis)
chuck tweets

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I'm not in love with the poster but I'm excited for the movie. What do you guys think?
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