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An ONTD Original: Is it written in the stars? HRH Prince George edition!

The wait is over! The royal Prince has arrived and now we can dissect him before he's aware of his own existence.


As always, we have appreciated the skeptics keeping their rude comments to themselves and not draggin their asshole on our carpet. I continue to ask that you only enter if you can get out of your own snobbery and come have fun speculating and sign-shaming with us!

Sun: Cancer/Leo Cusp
Moon: Capricorn
Ascendant/Rising: Scorpio
Mercury: Cancer
Venus: Virgo (but on cusp of Leo, traits from both signs will be prevalent. Poor confused bb)
Mars: Cancer
Jupiter: Cancer
Saturn: Scorpio
Uranus: Aries
Neptune: Pisces
Pluto: Capricorn

There could not have been a better chart for the future King!

Of all the cusps for his Sun to be on, Cancer/Leo is probably the best one for a future king! Cancer is the sign of family and heritage, and Cancer is known for its very strong connection to the past, to their roots and heritage, and their family. Cancer is like the zodiacs Giver, keeping memories and traditions of humanity safe and alive for future generations. Cancer however, at it’s core essence, is concerned with creating an emotional identity, which is part of what makes them so nurturing, because Cancer is where we first discover emotions and the power that they have to connect people. With Leo, you have the OG King of the Jungle- a gentle, regal, and loving leader, with a big roar once they’ve had their pride (both ego-pride and “pride” of fellow Lions) insulted or generosity taken advantage of... and always determined to shine the brightest and be the most loved.

The perfect moon was matched up to our little Prince when it landed in Capricorn. This is a great position because it’s going to make him acutely aware of his public image and also leave him with a great feeling of duty; not just to his family (although that is a given with Sun in Cancer) but also to his country and its people. Lunar Capricorns do best when they’re hard at work, when they’re achieving their goals, and feel best about themselves when they have earned respect from others. Luckily, with his Moon in Capricorn, it will temper some of the emotionality of Sun on Cancer/Leo cusp and give him more calculating and cool headed instincts.

Scorpio rising is another A+ match up for this future monarch. Since the rising sign (aka ascendant) rules over others perceptions of us, as well as our defense mechanisms, this is going to be someone who will NOT be seen as weak or vulnerable and will have a huge presence. This is going to work beautifully when dealing with other world leaders and politicians because this rising makes others very wary about crossing you- we talk about Scorpio magnetism a lot, and with this magnetism, also comes with that fear that they will conquer and destroy you if crossed (which they will).

At his best, he’ll have the best of both worlds being able to express himself through nurturing and sensitive Cancer sun, but without losing the sparkle and upbeat mood of being on the cusp of Sun in Leo. He’ll feel a strong obligation to holding up his family’s name and honor, and while many may find him more on the conservative side, thanks to Scorpio rising, he will never be naive to the darkest parts of world events and happenings, and he will probably have a solid understanding and intuition for people he deals with as well. With all three working together, you will have a future King who cares about the well-being of people, with strong convictions, who is resilient, determined, and resourceful. And since Prince William is a Cancer and Duchess Kate is a Capricorn, he will probably have a very strong connection to both his parents! As a fun side note- in classical astrology, Cancer was the sign of “the Father” and Capricorn was the sign of “the Mother.” It was because Mothers were seen as more important to shaping an individual's public image (which is what Capricorn rules) and the Father was seen more as the caretaker of the home (Which Cancer rules)... however, in modern astrology, mothers are now seen as the nurturers and home-makers like Cancer, and Fathers are seen as the career driven authoritarians like Capricorn.

The bad news though? Cancer, Capricorn, and Scorpio are all guarded signs. Cancer has their feelings hurt too easily to feel comfortable being an open book, Capricorn has to have it’s trust earned, and Scorpio hates to budge an inch to show their vulnerabilities. At the same time though, he will face many insecurities, and may cave under pressure to other peoples ideas and plans instead of following his own- and there will be times of hurt ego that can lead to some irrational decision making. Lunar Capricorn’s authoritative stance on certain things, mixed with Scorpio rising’s defensive stance, can lead to him really being upset when not taken seriously and may lash out. Additionally, with his sun on the Cancer/Leo cusp, he may swing wildly between the moody, butthurt crab, and the ego sensitive, adoration seeking Leo who wears their heart on their sleeve. His personal relationships may suffer from this more than his public persona, because his moon/rising will be very careful about how he’s seen- and only those closest to him will be privy to the more erratic side.

To get more of a sense of the compassion we’ll see from him, we can look at both Diana and William. Diana was also a Cancer with her moon in Aquarius and a Sag rising. This is very obvious, as she expressed her Lunar Aquarian vision for humanity through the compassionate and nurturing Cancer sun, but still had the adventurer in her from Sag rising to take her all over the world, spreading her Aquarian knowledge and fighting for the equality and rights of others through the mothering Cancer sun and becoming “the People’s Princess.” She was viewed as brave and worldly (Sag rising), with a great passion for the people of the world (Aquarius moon), but was also viewed so strongly as a mother figure and a nurturing, protective, and sensitive soul (Cancer sun). It was truly the best of the three signs working together.

William is also a Cancer, with Cancer moon, and Sag rising, and we also see with him the more sensitive, soft spoken Cancer side, but also that keen sense of adventure from Sagittarius rising. He was always seen as the calmer one (compared to Harry), the one less fond of the spotlight, and yet- still married his sweetheart, wanted to be a hands on family man, and will no doubt be a devoted father.

That gives us clues into the new Prince. The strong sense of duty and hard work ethic being expressed through the Cancer/Leo cusp and seen with that determined and cunning Scorpio rising will no doubt be a very beautiful thing when working together, but will be very brutal when crossed.

Now, let’s venture out and look at another exciting, but obvious thing, in his chart: His 8th house. The eighth house rules over other people’s resources,money, inheritances, and legacies- and it falls in Cancer, which right away shows the influence that his family’s wealth and legacy will have on him. Whenever you have planets in a house, those planets energies lighten up the area of your life the house they land in rules over- and this lucky guy has The Sun (planet of self), Mercury (planet of communication), Mars (planet of physical/sexual energy), and Jupiter (planet of good fortune and expansion) all his the part of his life that covers what other people’s resources have to offer. The 8th house is also one of the 3 “spiritual houses” and in this house is where we find our interest in the taboo, the occult, the darkest depths of our souls, and the deepest psychological flaws- and with all those planets in it, there will definitely be a darker side to this Prince. He’ll have a really strong intuition for what makes people tick, and he might even use the “dark arts” to help guide him (Royal tarot card reader anyone? Maybe I’ll be his personal astrologist, lol).

Source for birthchart

My Tumblr with some astrology articles to help you understand (and more to come!)

Okay everyone, I have been getting a lot of messages from people telling me how their fascination with astrology has grown since reading my posts. So, I want to ask this- have you been inspired looked into your own astrology and has it helped you learn anything about yourself?

And also, I have done about 100 charts for ONTDers with another 100 or left. Thank you everyone for being patient and please check you spam messages, lol.
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