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Enrique Iglesias open to Bynes duet (and Miley)

Enrique Iglesias hopes Miley Cyrus will teach him how to twerk if they collaborate in the future.

The Spanish singer-and-songwriter is currently promoting his forthcoming album and his new single Turn The Night Up.
Enrique wouldn't rule out working with the troubled actress, who has recently revealed her aspirations to make it in the music industry.
He also named Miley Cyrus as another star who has caught his eye.
"Of course I know who Amanda Bynes is. I would collaborate with her, if I like the song, a collaboration is a collaboration," he told New York radio station 92.3 NOW.
"I would like to work with Miley Cyrus. I like her. I met her the other day in the lobby of a hotel. She's really down to earth. We haven't twerked yet! No, I can't do it. It's become the in thing though, yeah?"
Enrique discussed his new track and the inspiration behind the lyrics. He says Turn The Night Up is based on his favourite phrase.
“It's on the way I'm excited I'm nervous you don't know how people are going to act. The craziest part of this is that it's based around a phrase 'Gimme some of that'. I always walk around my house saying, ‘Gimme some of that'. If I’m hungry, I say, ‘Gimme some of that.’ If I’m horny, I say, ‘Gimme some of that.’ So I got to the studio and I kept on saying that phrase and we wrote a song around it," he smiled.
"We never planned for it to be the first single off the album it's a song that's a little out there. It’s one of those crazy songs that you write and you think, ‘This could be either good or bad but if I pull off the vocals I could actually have something.’”


LOL if this is true. Remember when Britney fans were freaking out because they thought him and Britney were gonna have a tour together.
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