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Laguna Beach Top 5 moments; The latest Lauren Conrad candids

The lastest Lauren pics where you can see that her style and fashion have come a long way since the Laguna days of bleached hair and bootcut jeans. She spent the past few weeks wrapping up her book tour and chillin with her boyfriend William Tell.

Book signing in Naperville Illinois June 13th

Book signing in Burlington MA June 17th

Out in Beverly Hills June 24th 2013

Out with her boyfriend William Tell June 27th 2013

In honor of MTVs re-airing of Laguna Beach/Hills let’s gooooo back, back to the begiiiin-ning.
Let’s do a wavy-line flashback back to 2004 when the best reality show ever debuted on MTV. You were looking fierce in your tank top, jean miniskirt and Uggs topped by an A&F hoodie. Your BFF looked equally stylish in her Juicy tracksuit and Uggs. You both texted away on your T-mobile Sidekicks and you couldn’t wait to get the new Motorola Razr because both Paris and Nicole had one. Ahh the memories…

Every week you’d gather around the TV and wait with bated breath to find out what was going to happen with Lauren, Kristin, JessCuh and Ste-PHEN. Now you can re-live the best scenes since E! has picked the top 5 moments from best reality show ever.

Number 4: Jessica and Alex fight over Jason in Cabo

This fight was as funny as it was sad. Jessica –who seemed to have a knack for going after Jason when he was dating someone else—spent a miserable spring break hiding from Alex who was dating Jason at the time. When they finally met up the fur flew. How sad was it that Alex made Jessica call herself a slut—and even sadder still that Jessica did it?

Number 2 Jason kisses Jessica during Lauren’s fashion show. For me this is Number 1.
This is the moment when I became a huge fan of Lauren. This episode was like a precursor to the entrepreneurial Lauren of today what with how she organized and ran that fashion show. After witnessing her dumbass boyfriend Jason kiss Jessica while trying to run the fashion show, Lauren could have fallen apart. Thankfully she held it together and finished the show. When her male friend Dieter, confronted Jason, Lauren became the first woman in reality TV history to blame the guy instead of the girl (“It was all him! “). The episode concluded with punk-ass Jason sitting on the bench like a chump after Lauren told him to "Get the hell away from me!"

Couldn’t find a video, sadly.


The crew went to Cabo. Kristin went wild and Stephen went nuts.

The remaining moments can be seen here.

Admit it. You wore these outfits or know someone who did.

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