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Captain America: The Winter Soldier Roundup - SDDC Panel & Updated Movie Logo & Interviews/Photos

And a pretty good one from IGN - Can't embed it though, so HERE YOU GO --> Has Chris/Scarlett, followed by Sebastian, followed by Emily.

Also - Press Conference:

And since the panel video obviously doesn't have the teaser, here's a nice little recap for you.

We saw a ton of footage from this film, which really backed up the idea that it's a paranoid spy thriller as well as just a fun superhero action movie.

We saw a complete scene, which was very reminiscent of one of the best moments from Drive. Captain America gets into an elevator at SHIELD headquarters, and then Crossbones (Frank Grillo) gets in with him, with a couple of other guys, all heading for Operations. They're talking about spy stuff, but Cap notices they have their guns out. And then a bunch of guys in suits get in, heading for Operations. And there's something hinky about them, too. Someone says "**** you contract," randomly.

Even more guys get into the elevator and say "Records." And then Cap is surrounded by a ton of guys. In a small glass elevator. He's massively outnumbered in a tiny space.

Cap says, "Before we get started, does anyone want to get out?" Nobody does. They attack, and he hits emergency stop, and all of these guys are trying to kill him at once. There's a wristband which is magnetized, and it gets attached to the wall of the elevator, and then Cap's wrist is stuck in it so he's fighting with one hand trapped. He basically kicks the hell out of all these guys, using their own weapons against them. It's amazing. Eventually Captain America gets his wrist free so he can fight two-handed.

At last, it's just Cap and Crossbones, who says "it's nothing personal." He tases Cap over and over again, and Cap just keeps coming. Cap throws him into the ceiling. Cap is standing in the elevator, surrounded by prone bodies and broken glass, and he reaches down to grab his shield, with a loud clang.

We also saw lots of other footage, in which Cap and Black Widow go into an ancient SHIELD headquarters, digging for old secrets. Robert Redford, as Alexander Pierce, is telling Steve Rogers that SHIELD wants to protect people, but sometimes building a better world means tearing the old world down. And SHIELD has enemies. "You know how the world works," he says.

We see Scarlett Johanson standing in a graveyard looking sad. We also see Anthony Mackie, as the Falcon, riding in a car.

The latter part of this footage involves showing a lot of super insane SHIELD hardware, including jumpjets, the Helicarrier and various other massive vehicles, while Nick Fury and Captain America debate spy ethics. Fury says "I've neutralized lot of threats before they even happened." Cap responds, "I thought the punishment usually came after the crime." "SHIELD takes the world as it is, not as we'd like it to be," says Fury. "This isn't freedom," Cap says. "This is fear." And Fury tells Cap to keep his eyes open.

We see Cap jumping out of a jet and fighting and lots of stuff blowing up, and Black Widow kicking pretty much all the ass, and abseiling into a super tall structure, shooting in all directions as she goes. We see a bus exploding and another shot of a graveyard. And more awesome fight scenes, that we just caught a glimpse of.

The Falcon flies into an aircraft carrier while being chased by multiple jets. Captain America is on a motorcycle flying, and there is tons of kickfighitng. And then we saw what looked like the SHIELD helicarrier blowing up and crashing into the river.

And then we see the Winter Soldier, formerly known as Cap's sidekick Bucky, reach down and pick up Captain America's tarnished, burnt shield, and look at the camera with his gaze especially intense in black smeary eye makeup.

Sources: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6

Mackie/Grillo have been the best last night. <3

3rd time's the charm?
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