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 Here's also the X-Men: Days of Future Past viral site, but not much there yet -

4:16 There's more on the tumblr site -


5:00 Silas Lesnick: Wait, Jackman has an extra announcement...


5:00 Spencer Perry-SHH: A DOOP movie?!

5:00 Silas Lesnick: He's teasing an indie movie he's doing next...

5:00 EDouglasCS: Prisoners!!! :)

5:01 Silas Lesnick: X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST!

5:01 Silas Lesnick: Bryan Singer has taken the stage!

5:01 Silas Lesnick: No visual effects are ready yet and there's still a month of shooting to go...

5:02 Silas Lesnick: But Singer has cut together some footage! In 3d!

5:02 EDouglasCS: wow in 3D no less

5:03 EDouglasCS: Mike, Bishop is a time traveller too, isn't he?

5:04 EDouglasCS: I expect Cable and X-Force will tie into the time travel elements of DoFP

5:04 Silas Lesnick: Wow! This looks fantastic!

5:04 Silas Lesnick: We see flashes of the original X-Men movie characters

5:05 Silas Lesnick: Xavier, Storm, Wolverine, etc

5:05 Silas Lesnick: "I had a glimpse into the past," Xavier says.

5:05 Silas Lesnick: Iceman. Rogue.

5:05 EDouglasCS: Calm down people and let Silas type! :)

5:05 Silas Lesnick: Bishop!

5:05 Silas Lesnick: We hear Magneto speaking to Xavier

5:06 Silas Lesnick: Xavier says to Wolverine, "You're going to have to do to me what I once did for you."

5:06 Silas Lesnick: "Side by side to end this war before it ever begins," says Magneto.

5:07 Silas Lesnick: Omar Sy, Ellen Page, Shawn Ashmore, Anna Paquin, Halle Berry, Ian McKellen, Patrick Stewart, Hugh Jackman, James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, Jennifer Lawrence and Peter Dinklage are here on stage!

5:08 Silas Lesnick: Back to the footage, Wolverine is sent to the past in his own body.

5:08 Silas Lesnick: Xavier warns him that, back then, Xavier was a different man and begs him to be patience with him

5:08 Silas Lesnick: "Patience isn't one of my strong points," Wolverine snarls.

5:08 Silas Lesnick: Lot's of flashes to the 70's.

5:08 Silas Lesnick: Nixon and a secret door in the Oval Office floor.

5:08 EDouglasCS: Omar Sy looks great as Bishop

5:09 Silas Lesnick: McAvoy's Xavier going into Cerebro.

5:09 Silas Lesnick: Evan Peters, too (missed him earlier). He says Quicksilver is "a bit of a spaz".

5:09 Silas Lesnick: Shawn Ashmore, too!

5:09 Silas Lesnick: Dinklage confirms he'll be playing Bolivar Trask.

5:10 Silas Lesnick: Other footage shots include Mystique crying and transforming in a crowd. We also see Lawrence walking in a military uniform.

5:11 Silas Lesnick: "I don't want your suffering," MacAXavier shouts. "I don't want your future!"

5:11 Silas Lesnick: "Please," Stewart says to him in the final trailer shot, apparently standing opposite him. "We need you to hope again."

5:12 Silas Lesnick: Nicholas Hoult is here, too. It's a MASSIVE lineup. I've never seen this many actors on stage for a Hall H panel.

5:12 Silas Lesnick: MacAvoy is wearing an X-Men shirt he bought on the convention hall floor.

5:13 Silas Lesnick: Singer says ensemble films come to him naturally. That's why he did Usual Suspects.

5:13 Comment From patches
StewartXavier says to whom about "we need you to hope again"? Wolverine?

5:13 EDouglasCS: Much bigger than Avengers line-up when introduced

5:13 Silas Lesnick: To his younger self, MacAvoy Xavier.

5:14 Silas Lesnick: Stewart and McKellen are getting the biggest applause

5:14 Comment From Preston
How rough does the footage look?

5:14 Silas Lesnick: Not rough at all, actually!

5:14 Silas Lesnick: And the 3D is pretty solid already.

5:15 EDouglasCS: Asking a lot of questions.. I think Silas has told you what was shown. Wait for the official trailer or see the movie next year!

5:15 Comment From Brett
What scene stood out the most in the footage?

5:15 Silas Lesnick: The final shot with MacAvoy and Stewart for sure.

5:16 Silas Lesnick: McKellen says he's glad to be back in CA and feels safe now that Prop 8 is gone.

5:16 Silas Lesnick: He says he's looking for a husband and then turns to Fassbender.

5:16 Silas Lesnick: "It's great to meet you, Michael," he laughs.

5:18 Silas Lesnick: HALLE Berry is saying she wants Storm to get more love.

5:18 Comment From David
Thank you guys for doing this for us fanboys that can't be there.

5:18 Silas Lesnick: She says she's so, so glad Singer is back.

5:19 Silas Lesnick: Paquin says the character is a huge part of her life since she was originally cast at age 17.

5:20 Silas Lesnick: Ashmore says that we'll get moments for a lot of the characters that fans have been waiting for.

5:21 Silas Lesnick: Omar Sy is getting huge applause!

5:22 Silas Lesnick: "Bishop is a guy from the future," he says, "He's fighting to survive like all of us."

5:24 Silas Lesnick: BTW, I get the sense that Stewart and McAvoy's scene together is in McAvoy's head, psychically connected.

5:24 Silas Lesnick: Some fan questions are coming in...

5:25 Silas Lesnick: Someone is asking about Deadpool!

5:25 Silas Lesnick: Singer says, "Anything's possible," and says that the X-Men universe is really as big as the rest of the Marvel Universe and they'd love to expand the universe.

5:30 Silas Lesnick: She's asking about Gambit and Rogue appearing together someday.

5:30 Silas Lesnick: "We're exploring all options right now," Singer smiles.

5:31 Silas Lesnick: Singer says Quicksilver was always part of the story.

5:32 Silas Lesnick: Evan says that Quicksilver moves and talks quick and gets impatient.

5:32 Silas Lesnick: "He's always at an ATM, waiting for the guy in front of him to finish."

5:32 Silas Lesnick: Quicksilver exists in the 70's portion of the film.
5:32 Silas Lesnick: "He's got great DNA," Fassbender laughs.

5:33 Silas Lesnick: Fassbender has a You're Next mask in front of him for some reason :)

5:33 Silas Lesnick: Dinklage is really pleased with his "Tom Selleck mustache" in the film.

5:34 Silas Lesnick: Someone asked for a Wolverine musical from Hugh.

5:34 Silas Lesnick: "Do you really want to see Wolverine sing?" he says.

5:34 Spencer Perry-SHH: That was me

5:34 Silas Lesnick: The audience erupts into applause.

5:35 Silas Lesnick: "I'm gonna slice 'em," Jackman sings, "I'm gonna dice 'em!"

5:35 Silas Lesnick: Jackman says he wandered around the convention this morning dressed in his Wolverine costume and no one stopped him.

5:35 Silas Lesnick: One guy said, "Nice, but way too tall, buddy."

5:36Silas Lesnick: One girl asking questions is so excited she's moved to tears.

5:37 Silas Lesnick: MacAvoy says his favorite character is Gambit.

5:37 Silas Lesnick: "He's got a crazy accent. I used to think that if people could understand him, they'd understand me."

5:37 Silas Lesnick: Jackman's favorite is Deadpool.

5:38 Silas Lesnick: "I'd like to play any female character in any X-Men movie," says Patrick Stewart. "Because then I might stand a chance of winning an Academy Award."

5:39 Silas Lesnick: It sounds like the panel is winding down and they're going to show the footage one more time.

5:40 Silas Lesnick: Biggest Hall H ovation so far! Everyone is standing and clapping!

5:42 Silas Lesnick: is going to do something with a photo from inside the hall

5:44 Silas Lesnick: Some things I missed the first time around: Blink!

5:44 Silas Lesnick: We see her standing against a wall and taking a battle stance against a
backdrop of fire.

5:44 Silas Lesnick: Dinklage's Trask in some kind of senate hearing.

5:45 Silas Lesnick: Fassbender Magneto and some others firing guns, maybe in the oval office?

5:45 Comment From kev
how looks blink?????''' is pink???????

5:45 Silas Lesnick: She has the eye markings, but I doesn't look she's pink.

5:45Comment From Sullstar
Any guess who's playing warpath? I heard they showed his costume or something

5:46 Silas Lesnick: I believe BooBoo Stewart is Warpath, but I'm not sure. There are bunch of the new X-Men in the "future" scenes.

5:47 Silas Lesnick: There is one guy who looks almost like a X-Men Green Arrow. I bet that's Banshee.

5:47 Silas Lesnick: Interestingly enough, the title is just "Days of Future Past" onscreen. No "X-Men".

5:48 Silas Lesnick: Nope, it's done. Get ready for Marvel in about 15 minutes!





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