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5 (out of 20) of the Worst Onscreen Couples

When it comes to movie romances the unspoken interaction between characters is just as important as the spoken one. We want our leads to have a spark, an electricity, a chemistry that makes them interesting to watch and engages our emotions so that we feel something for them. Without it even a potentially great movie can become painful to watch.

Movie: Obsessed
Beyoncé and Idris Elba should be the sexiest black couple ever, but their work together onscreen tells a much duller story. Their romantic moments in Obsessed are awkward and uncomfortable to watch. This doesn’t bode well for the film since the viewers are greeted with their romance at the outset. You get the impression that these are two actors who haven’t spent any amount of time together, and are simply going through the motions to appear in love. Elba had much more chemistry with his obsessed leading lady, Ali Larter. (Idgaf, they're still one of the sexiest couples ever. I'd be here for Beyonce/Ali though.)

Movie: Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones
Okay, so maybe pairing two of the dullest actors in Hollywood together as love interests wasn’t the best idea. Natalie Portman–known for being wooden– and Hayden Christensen–known for having the personality of a wet nap–have no chemistry onscreen, making an already boring film and insufferable script even more unbearable.

Movie: Batman Begins
Batman Begins asks us to believe that Rachel and Bruce have known each other since they were kids but it’s hard to believe that they’ve even known each other for more than a few weeks. Holmes comes off as insincere in the role and this fact did not go unnoticed by director Christopher Nolan who awarded her job to Maggie Gyllenhaal in the Dark Knight. Katie Holmes as an ADA was way less believable than Katie Holmes as love interest.

Movie: The Tourist
Arguably two of the best looking people in the business (by which they obviously mean one of the best looking people and Johnny Depp), Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie in The Tourist should have been a match made in movie heaven, but Angie’s high class character didn’t mesh with Depp’s grungy and awkward character. Viewers understand that Jolie is to be madly in love with the man Depp turns out to be but there’s never any explanation as to why she would be interested in him given their vast differences, which might have gone a long way in building a realistic romance onscreen. Depp is too timid in the film to match with Jolie, who is a much more domineering presence, both onscreen and off.

Movie: Just Wright
Just Wright was just wrong as a film and a significant portion of that was due to the ill-matched Queen Latifah and Common. As platonic friends who have no interest in each other we believe them, but best friends secretly harboring romantic feelings for one another we simply cannot buy. Their lack of chemistry is distracting as is the consistently creepy-eyed look on Common’s face and his amateur acting skills. I absolutely love this movie and I always will but did they lie? Either of them or both at once could still get it, though.

Source (Yep, it's a slideshow.)

What about it, ONTD? Who were some of the least convincing couples you've ever cringed at on screen?
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