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SHOTS FIRED!! Jay Z a coward; validates bland & underwhelming existence by reminding us of his money

I couldn’t help but notice that the rapper Jay-Z finally spoke up on his so-called beef with entertainment legend Harry Belafonte. Harry called out today’s entertainers, many of whom seem to avoid any and all uncomfortable controversy so they can max out their bank accounts. Beyond a few polite, neutered, politically docile charity events, most black celebrities wear voluntary shackles and fail to realize that entertainment platforms are among the most powerful and influential in existence.

As a result, too many celebs fill up their wallets and empty their souls, as their community sits back and suffers.

Here are the lyrics that Jay-Z used to get back at Harry in his Samsung-sponsored project, “Magna Carta/Holy Grail”:Collapse )

I hope Jay-Z will issue an apology to Harry Belafonte. Were it not for the sacrifices of Belafonte and men of his generation, Jay-Z would still be”slingin” on the corner or rapping on the chitlin circuit. He also wouldn’t have the right to go around the world selling records to white kids who love referring to him as a their favorite n*gga. In fact, I argue that Jay-Z should probably keep Harry’s name out of his mouth, since he will never know what Harry has gone through in order to clear a path for all of us. Jay-Z, Harry Belafonte is a legend and you need to respect that. You, my friend, are just another N*gga in Paris.

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