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Gwyneth Paltrow addicted to denim


The American actress is known for her stylish and modern way of dressing.

The 40-year-old says the secret to her chic appearance is often down to donning a pair of trusted denims.

"I often buy a nice pair of trousers or a skirt thinking, 'I gotta branch out here,' but almost every day, I end up putting on a pair of jeans," she admitted on the latest edition of her blog, goop. "Let's face it - jeans are great. They are easy and they are flattering. But they mean I almost never bust out anything else from the wardrobe."

The self-confessed jeans addict shared the results of a weeklong experiment she conducted on denim. Gwyneth challenged herself to go without her favourite wardrobe staple, and showed what she wore instead on her lifestyle blog. Among the outfits, the blonde sported various neutral-coloured basics in grey, white and dark blue. She wore cropped trousers and white linen interjected with pops of colour in the form of graphic patterned skirts and tops containing a splash of yellow and leopard print.

"I tried to go a week without denim and it was harder than I thought. Thanks for the incredible inspiration you sent in!" Gwyneth exclaimed.

"Inspired by readers' submissions, I took the challenge and banned jeans from Monday to Friday."

The actress recently added to her vast fashion collection by purchasing a bracelet by Valentino and some white Saint Laurent stilettos. She has her eye on another purchase too, confessing her wardrobe is lacking in feminine numbers.

"I'd quite like a Victoria Beckham dress for meetings. I need a good office dress," she mused.

bolded the most important parts, which is everything because hello the kween is speaking

anyway ONTD can you go without jeans for a week?

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