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Miley Cyrus: "I can't be a diva -- I can't get away with throwing a hairdryer at Mariah Carey!"

Miley Cyrus has joked she can't get away with "throwing a hairdryer" at Mariah Carey.

The 20-year-old singer is known for her energetic performances and stunned the crowd at the Billboard Music Awards this year. While fans can't wait to see what Miley will do on stage, it's behind the scenes that things really get interesting.

"Any time there's too many superstars/divas in one room, something's gonna go down. I know, 'cause I'm backstage, so I get to see the real drama. I always look forward to those shows! It's always completely chaotic backstage," she spilled to BBC News.

"I did see a make-up artist and they threw a hairdryer at the other make-up artist. I loved it, I was into it. I was like, 'This is so good!'

"There are times I feel like doing that too, but I could never get away with it! I could never just throw my hairdryer at Mariah Carey! You can't do that."

Miley may have grown up a Disney star on the Hannah Montana show, but she's undergone an image transformation over the past few years.

As well as chopping off her long locks and picking daring outfits, she's released racy songs such as Can't Be Tamed and We Can't Stop.

"I think mostly it's been organic. I think the reason it doesn't work for some people, is because it's like: how can we make them grow up?" she mused when asked about her change of image.

"I didn't always play up the whole squeaky clean thing, so it wasn't hard for me to break out of that."

Recently, there have been rumours Miley and fiancé Liam Hemsworth have hit a rocky patch due to the star's partying.

Miley isn't shy about her love of a good night out, but thinks people in the spotlight need to be clever about it.

"I've got a good house, I can lock myself away and do whatever I want," she smiled.

"That's the key; I always say that to people who say they wanna be famous. I'm like, 'Lock yourself away, go do your thing and then come out where you've lived your life.' Because as an artist you have to do that, otherwise you have nothing to say. How can you sing about going out and partying if you never go out and have real friends? I think that's why people connect to me so much; because they know I'm doing the exact same stuff they're doing."


I doubt you even own a hairdryer Miley

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