Once Upon a Time Adds Yvette Nicole Brown as Goldilocks — But There’s a Catch!

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Once Upon a Time kicked off production in Vancouver last week, and they’ve already cast a familiar face as their latest fairy tale character. Community favorite Yvette Nicole Brown is playing Goldilocks — but there’s a catch.

Yvette won’t be on the hit ABC show when it returns this fall; instead, she’s featured as Good Morning Storybrooke news anchor “Goldie Locksley” on OUAT Season 2 bonus features, ET Online revealed today. She describes her unique portrayal of Goldilocks as a “Katie Couric” type who is “really bubbly and smiles a lot,” which is unsurprisingly familiar to her Community character, Shirley.

This is a companion piece to the Season 1 DVD extras, which featured The League’s Paul Scheer as anchor Hart Archer. He also reprises his role in the short helmed by OUAT writer and producer Jane Espenson. Notably, Jane also brought along her Husbands co-creator and star Brad Bell to play Boyd, who he describes as a "tricky fellow who maybe gets in a little over his head" that “some people may associate with a lie.” Hmm, do we have another Pinocchio on our hands?

Though Yvette admitted that “every black chick in Hollywood is waiting for that call for [The Princess and the Frog’s] Tiana,” she’s happy “they made Goldilocks a curvy black chick.” To see her twist on the classic character — including Goldie Locksley’s reports on Bambi’s survival, the town’s wolves acting up, and the Little Lady Who Lives in a Shoe,” pick up Once Upon a Time: The Complete Second Season on August 13. ET Online notes there will be three featurettes on the DVD/Blu-ray — including a Hook-centric one! Sign us up.

Would you like to see Yvette Nicole Brown on OUAT permanently?

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