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An ONTD Original: Is it written in the stars? Opposites Attract Edition!

An astrological interpretation of what makes these two couples work when maybe they shouldn't have... (or something equally witty and fitting)

Those with nothing nice to say can stay out!
David Beckham         Victoria Beckham
Sun: Taurus                       Sun: Aries
Moon: Capricorn                Moon: Aquarius
Rising: Taurus                    Rising: Leo
Mercury: Taurus                 Mercury: Aries
Venus: Gemini                   Venus: Pisces
Mars: Pisces                      Mars: Gemini

The fact that their union has lasted so long is a true testament to the importance of Venus and Mars in our charts and our love life. I mean, when you look at an Aries and a Taurus in a relationship (Robsten anyone?), is doesn’t exactly seem like it would be a union that lasts the length of time, with Taurus being a slow and steady achiever who might get increasingly frustrated with Aries constant impulsiveness and difficulty with finishing things they have started. Self-centric Aries can also become increasingly annoyed with possessive and slow to start Taurus. So, what makes this union work so well?

Well, that’s when we look to the power of Venus and Mars. When you share the same Venus as your partners Mars or the same Mars as your partners Venus, it creates a wonderful harmony- with Venus ruling over our perspective on love, and Mars ruling over our sexual energy and prowess. Lucky for Posh and Becks that they have both! David’s Venus in Gemini is looking for someone who is light hearted, witty, and intellectually captivating, but Venus in this position also allows David to express those traits as well in his love life, but you have to be careful because when Venus is in Gemini, it’s at it’s flirtiest! It matches perfectly to Posh’s Mars in Gemini which gets very turned on by a brilliant mind, has playful and flirty sexual nature, and with Gemini’s busybody antics in the planet of physical energy- she ALWAYS needs something to do. This works out surprisingly well for David, whose Taurus/Capricorn planets want to work hard and be constantly accomplishing something and working towards completing goals.

At the same time, Victoria’s Venus in Pisces finds a wonderful match in David’s Mars in Pisces. Venus in Pisces is ANOTHER position that just adds creativity to Victoria’s life, giving Venus an opportunity to express it’s love of beauty and elegance through the “knows-no-bounds” dreamy artistic view of Pisces. It also makes her a sensitive romantic in love, carrying that soft Piscean mystique and yearning for that other worldly connection with her partner. This does well with Davids Mars in Pisces which gives him a very sensitive side- expressing his physical energy and “war tactics” through non-confrontational and empathic Pisces. Sex is part romance, part losing yourself in a fantasy and delivered through sensual and stern Taurus, has that bullish “oomph” behind every move.

When their Venus and Mars are working together in unison, they have an indulgent, fun, and busy life that is full of friends, laughter, compassion and understanding. With both of them being able to express and accept love at both it’s goofiest and most adventurous side (Gemini), as well as it’s dreamiest, spiritual, and wholly romantic side (Pisces), they strike up a great balance. At it’s worse though, they’re prone to feeding themselves delusions (Pisces), being a little manipulative and tricky (Gemini), and suspicions of infidelity are never out of the question, with both Pisces and Gemini being impressionable, but in two different ways: Pisces has impressionable emotions which stems from being too sensitive to other people’s emotions, while Gemini is too susceptible to seeing every side of an argument, and being able to talk themselves into bad choices with unfortunate rationale by using their overexertion of understanding abstract concepts with lack of emotional premise.

Another important thing for this duo? Teamwork and image! Posh is the creative drive and marketing genius, while David is the shrewd businessman with a strong and endless work ethic. Victoria’s Sun in Aries gives her the ambition and constant drive to push forward ideas, and with Aries being the leader of the zodiac, they tend to fall into positions (and relationships) where they can be in control. The naturally occurring “Aries Flow” is backed by her Moon in Aquarius, which is telling her Sun in Aries one thing: Dare to be yourself!!! Lunar Aquarians are all about discovering how they, and others, can be themselves and still work together in unison as a whole. Lunar Aquarians are so set in this ideal, and because they’re an air sign, they truly allow themselves to open their mind to every level of “abstract concept” that may get them just a little further in their quest for unity, acceptance of individuality, and closer to utopia. So, where does she get all her pizazz? Well, her Leo rising of course! We talked about it with both Selena Gomez & Taylor Swift- but Leo Risings have “natural stage presence.” This stems from Leo’s love of being adored and big heart for people- when you have your Ascendant in Leo, you can see in how they express themselves that they are here for attention! Not to say they’re obsessed with everyone liking them (like Libra), but anyone with a Sun, moon, or rising in Leo will fall apart if they feel like they don’t have a solid handful of people who are in their corner “no matter what.”

David is all business. Having so much Taurus marked with a Moon in Capricorn, all Earth signs, shows that he is a man with perseverance and a calm stamina. Taurus is all about routine, taking everything into consideration before making a decision (because, lbr, once a Taurus makes up their mind, it’s not changing), and with the duty-bearing Capricorn moon, he’s getting the message: Work hard, provide, and succeed!! Earth signs exist on the “physical plane” so they’re very much attached to tangible things: their money, the things they have bought with their money, and their family. For someone more creative and conceptual like Victoria, she probably gets frustrated by this on her worst days, but on normal days, she appreciates the stability and devotion he offers. David is someone who is going to be very “hands on” and deliberate with his actions because Taurus doesn’t like to offer up any bullshit and believes in being involved in every part of a process they're involved in- whether it’s business or personal- but luckily for Victoria, Taurus also loves to indulge in the luxury of life, so fabulous vacations, fun cocktail parties, and shopping sprees for the best life has to offer is never out of the question!

This makes for a great combo when working together well. They can both find strength from one another and help fill each others weaknesses. Where Victoria might want to gloss over details, David will convince her to take another look, and where David may get frustrated with unexpected bumps in the road, Victoria has the quick thinking gusto to navigate them smoothly. Where Victoria might be overly eager to jump into new deals and get her creative process started, David is going to be more cautious and thorough, not wanting to be overwhelmed by taking on too many things that cannot get the full focus of his energy. However, to assume it’s been easy sailing would be silly, as you’re dealing with two very separate energies, both of which will be very set in their opinions when the occasion calls for it! And since Victoria’s Leo rising and David’s Capricorn moon are both expressly concerned with their image, they’re not likely to let any cracks show. They probably have a belief that they’re better as couple (and they are, let’s be really real here) and have learned to stay away from certain topics or situations that they know will piss the other off.

Oprah Winfrey         Stedman Graham
Sun: Aquarius                        Sun: Pisces
Moon: Sagittarius                  Moon: Pisces
Rising: Sagittarius                  Rising: Scorpio
Mercury: Aquarius                  Mercury: Pisces
Venus: Aquarius                    Venus: Aries
Mars: Scorpio                       Mars: Aries

What in the world could an emotionally detached Aquarius and an over emotional Pisces have in common that kept them going for all these years? Well, to discover the answer, let’s break it down and put it back together...

Oprah started on TV in broadcasting and ended up being the biggest and arguably best talk show host EVER. This is the work of her Aquarius/Sagittarius combos working at their finest and most tuned. Aquarius is the sign of “social groups & friendships” so they love people, but they also seek a higher understanding and vision of how we can all work together without sacrificing what makes us unique. Aquarians have a logical intuition for people, and are able to accept several different types of people because it’s through knowing so many different types of people that they are able to develop that intuition. Sagittarius is a great sign to have the moon and rising in to help build on Aquarius and it’s natural urge to deconstruct society and rebuild it in their utopian vision. Sagittarius is the sign of higher learner, greater understand and is solely concerned with an individual's place in the universe as a whole- what is our purpose? Where do we fit? Because of this ponderance, many people with the sun, moon, or rising in Sag become a Jack of all trades. If one thing doesn’t fit them, then there is always tomorrow to try something new. Sagittarian’s are very laid back, but will set a person straight who has close minded views. Now where Aquarius wants friends to help them understand societal concepts, Sagittarius is also a friendly people person, but they pick up friends as a way of being cultured. They’re open to having their mind blown with adventures, information, and culture, but they can’t get any of that if they never meet people.

Part of what made Oprah such a great host and what made people want to talk to her (and also Ellen, who is an Aquarius with Sag rising as well) is that acceptance from Aquarius sun for who they were, the non-judgmental quality in the way she spoke to people (thank you to Mercury in Aquarius), and her always jovial Sagittarian optimism. Along those same lines, when you have two signs like Aquarius and Sagittarius who are so truth seeking, you find a belief that to get others to tell you the truth, you have to also speak the absolute truth. This is probably where Oprah becomes so comfortable expressing things that have happened to her with Aquarius helping her emotionally detach from events and find a way to let those help others, and why people are so willing to give it back. It’s her internal quest for freedom, knowledge, and understanding on a grand level (all from Sagittarius) being expressed through the society-conscious, visionary, and rebellious Aquarius is what has driven her to seek a higher meaning and prove to people that we can find it while still being ourselves and helping one another.

So, what does she need her height man Stedman for (okay, okay, we all know her height man is Gail, but still...)? Well, Stedman, with a Pisces/Scorpio combo, you know he is very private. Scorpio risings have no interest in anyone knowing their business, trying to know their business, or thinking about knowing or trying to know their business (and you would never guess it anyways) and Pisces stay out of the limelight more as a defensive move. They don’t do super well with criticism and they don’t very well with a shitload of people around either because they get overwhelmed with a lot going on at once. However, they are a people sign- you see, Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac, so there is a piece of each and every sign before them in there. They understand, and have an instinct for the spiritual bonds that tie us all together- when we talk about Pisces existing on another planet- it’s really another level, or realm maybe, where they can see everyone for the soul that they are and none of this other bullshit. They’re mutable though, so they will fit in and adapt places, but the level of reality they’re on at that moment will solely depend on how badly they’re trying to escape it at that moment.

Oprah needs this emotional and intuitive presence in her life to keep her from being too expansive with her vision and getting tactless and offensive (which Aquarian’s are really prone to doing because they tell harsh truths as they see them, and it stomps on peoples feelings) and because he can really fill in the emotional void of her thinking process and push her to evolve her logical understanding of peoples feelings into actually feeling peoples feelings, he has offered her a great insight (which is what her Sag moon and rising is all about- insight and higher understanding). It helps make her a more well rounded person, interviewer, humanitarian, and ultimately more sensitive to the impact that emotions have on the world. Stedman, meanwhile, having all the great Piscean compassion in the world is probably her number one supporter- seeing her fight to make things equal and to bring education and awareness on so many topics into the open, and her zest for exposing how so much of the pain people have, we carry alone, but do not suffer alone- and to unite people through a shared pain, and then encourage those people to help heal one another is basically the principle behind Pisces in a lot of ways. However, Stedman isn’t just a big emotional wreck by any means- he has Venus and Mars in Aries, so he knows exactly how to go after what he wants in love from Venus in Aries, and he has all the physical stamina in the world from Mars in Aries, which is what made him want to get into sports, and gave him an interest in leadership positions. His Venus in Aries probably really enjoys the challenge of not only getting Oprah in the first place, but being able to keep her, which probably keeps him hanging in there when things are rough.

And we should never overlook the Scorpio in these charts- Oprah’s Mars in Scorpio loves a challenge and will rise to any occasion (we went over this with Swift’s Mars in Scorpio also) and always want to push themselves, often making goals just to see if they can achieve them... and yes, with the planet of sexual energy in Scorpio, some have a reputation for being indulgent in their sexual nature- but is it for sex, or is it for power? And with Stedman’s Ascendant in Scorpio, he fully understands the force and determiniation, the struggle for power- almost attaining it only to shoot yourself in the foot- and then attaining it anyways because Scorpios never.fucking.stop. Resilient to a fault. I think what Oprah and Stedman have here is Stedman, a sensitive man who believes in her cause, is strong enough to forge his own path, with a great insight into people that Oprah finds beneficial to own enlightenment. Alternately, Oprah has endured most through have a quiet, supportive significant other who has understood and been sympathetic to her mission.

I'm not sure this post is as fierce as my others. I've been trying to come up with new things to say about the placements and signs and not be too repetitive which can be sorta difficult... and Mercury retrograde is really keeping me from finding my words, lol. Any ways, my astro-question for this post, for those who choose to participate is: What sign(s) is your best friend and what is their best & worst trait? Happy Weekend everyone!

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