Boosh- At The Barbican

That's right ladies and gentlemen, it's time for a glockenspiel solo.

Ably supported by musical skills of Oly Ralfe , [Noel and Julian] play as part of Beck's Song Reader night at the Barbican in London. The LP was actually a book of 20 songs of sheet music, which musicians were asked to interpret themselves and perform as they like. (...) the boys have made it every inch a Boosh song

Noel told XFM: "We're so excited to be playing with Beck tonight, he's an absolute genius! He's one of our biggest influences and the song they gave us is actually pretty Booshy. It's perfect."
The Mighty Boosh haven't played together since their special one off performance for a Franz Zappa tribute gig in 2010. They are planning another one off in LA this October, when they play Jack Black's comedy festival, Festival Supreme.

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