Ana (snowweisz) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,

Glee's Finn Hudson Was a Revolutionary, Surprisingly Complicated Everyman

In an era of macho antiheroes, Finn countered that being a man didn't have to include physical strength or objectifying women, but could instead be defined by expressiveness, vulnerability, and compassion.

When we first saw Finn Hudson in the pilot episode of Glee, he was holding Kurt Hummel's jacket so it wouldn't get trashed when a group of jocks tossed the effeminate gay teenager in a dumpster. It was a small moment of comedic kindness--Finn was a good guy trying to act like a man, which at McKinley High meant no-homo. Later in that episode, Finn told his jock friends, "Don't you get it? We're all losers. Everyone in this school, everyone in this town."

Warning: Glorifying of the character of Finn Hudson ahead. Proceed at your own risk.Collapse )


Okay, I am aaaall for glorifying Cory for his performance, I even said it on some of these posts that I always judged him too harshly for not being a good singer but that he had a lot of passion and commitment and that was often overlooked by everyone (myself included).

But from there to glorifying the character as some kind of messiah of masculinity, feminism and queerness... Let's please not.

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