Online series 'House of Cards' makes Emmy history

Netflix’s ‘‘House of Cards’’ made Emmy history Thursday with a top drama series nomination, the first time that television’s leading awards have recognized a program delivered online as equal in quality to the best that TV has to offer.

The nomination, one of nine nods earned by the political thriller, is a marker in the unfolding revolution in how we receive and watch video entertainment.

‘‘It’s really groundbreaking,’’ said Ted Sarandos, chief content officer for Netflix. ‘‘It’s beyond our most bold expectations. We were thinking a single nomination would be a win... It’s as much a win for Internet television as it is for the content creators.’’

The most Emmy nominations, 17, went to miniseries ‘‘American Horror Story: Asylum.’’ Close behind was ‘‘Game of Thrones’’ with 16 nods, while ‘‘Saturday Night Live’’ and the Liberace biopic ‘‘Behind the Candelabra’’ earned 15 nominations each, including nods for stars Michael Douglas and Matt Damon.

The bonanza of nominations for ‘‘Game of Thrones’’ is the swords-and-fantasy show’s most-ever and includes a best drama series nod and three acting bids, including one for Peter Dinklage.

‘‘House of Cards’’ stars Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright received acting bids, along with a number of other primarily big-screen actors who have migrated to TV for powerhouse projects, with Douglas and Damon among them.

Joining ‘‘House of Cards’’ and ‘‘Game of Thrones’’ in the best drama series category are ‘‘Breaking Bad,’’ ‘'Downton Abbey,’’ ‘'Mad Men’’ and last year’s winner, ‘‘Homeland.’’

‘‘Mad Men,’’ which last year missed out on the best drama trophy that would have been its record-setting fifth, eclipsing fellow four-time winners ‘‘Hill Street Blues,’’ ‘'L.A. Law’’ and ‘‘The West Wing,’’ gets another shot this year.

‘‘Mad Men’’ and its creator failed to receive any writing nominations for the first time in the series’ six-year history.

The major broadcast networks were shut out of the prestigious drama series category, a repeat of last year and a particular blow with the entry of Netflix’s streamed drama. ‘‘Boardwalk Empire’’ was the only show not to return in the category, its spot claimed by ‘‘House of Cards.’’

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I really just wanted an excuse to talk about House of Cards. I posted about it a few times on here in comments but I was casted as an extra last Thursday for HOC and got to see the filming in action. Even though I can't disclose what I saw, it was an amazing experience and Kevin Spacey continues to blow my mind! If you haven't checked the show out yet, do it ASAP! It deserves all the awards!