FIRST LOOK: Star Trek's Chris Pine as a bearded billionaire in forthcoming movie Stretch

He cut a handsome figure up on the Starship Enterprise recently, but back on terra firma Chris Pine is almost unrecognizable as he shoots scenes for his forthcoming movie, Stretch.

The 32-year old actor has enjoyed a busy year on the big-screen having reprised his role as Captain James T. Kirk on summer blockbuster Star Trek into Darkness.

But space travel was far from Chris’s mind on Monday when he appeared on the Hollywood set of his latest film sporting some rather outlandish facial hair.

The actor’s false beard – complete with whiskers and heavy sideburns – was reminiscent of the kind worn by American rockers ZZ Top, while its distinctive flash of whitish grey was more Pepe Le Pew than Captain K.

Chris’s look was completed by a blue New York Yankees baseball cap and light blue vest that showed off an impressively toned body as he relaxed between takes.

The star was later spotted wearing a bright orange tracksuit and matching loafers while shooting a crucial scene for the film – an action-comedy that also stars Patrick Wilson, with cameos from Ray Liotta and David Hasselhoff, who play themselves.

Stretch sees Wilson take the lead as a hard up limo driver – hence the film’s title – who has one shift left to pay off a huge debt with a local bookie.

As filming progressed, it looked as if that bookie had caught up with him as an imposing heavy grabbed a disheveled looking Wilson by the throat, while another scene saw the actor looking dazed in a dirty white shirt by the side of his stretch limousine.

Pine will play a billionaire client who aids Wilson’s plight by offering to help him settle his score through a series of occasionally bizarre requests.

The new film, a low-budget affair helmed by The A-Team director Joe Carnahan, will also star Brooklyn Decker, James Badge Dale and Ed Helms.

With filming now into its third week, Stretch is expected to go on general release mid-way through 2014.