Teen Wolf 3.07 "I Dream of Stanny" Recap Post

‘Teen Wolf’ season 3, episode 7 ‘Currents’ just aired! What’d you think?
Teen Wolf season 3, episode 7 just finished airing! Come read our recap and discuss “Currents” with your fellow fans.

Teen Wolf season 3, episode 7 “Currents” began with a 10-car pile-up and a very busy emergency room. Waiting for the doctor to get to the hospital, Scott brings his mom her dinner. That’s when Danny shows up, sick and with Ethan.

Ethan says Danny couldn’t breathe, and it just kept getting worse. Moments later, Danny throws up and both Ethan and Scott know what happened to him. He was poisoned by mistletoe.

In the next scene, we see one of the doctors from the hospital being attacked by moths. After a glimpse of the Darach in her rear view mirror, she disappears and her empty car shows up in the parking lot in front of Scott and Ethan.

We find out that healers are being taken and this is the next step in the sacrifices being performed by the Darach. But this isn’t the only thing on our favorite werewolves’ plate. The Alpha Pack has left their symbol on Derek’s window, and he says they’re coming for him.

Speaking of healers, Deaton calls up Scott while he’s in class and tells him that he is going to be taken. When the camera pans out, we see the same moths on the outside of the windows of the vet’s office, and we know that it’s only a matter of minutes before he’ll be gone.

Meanwhile, Boyd and Isaac skip school to protect Derek from the Alpha Pack. They set up a plan to use water and electricity to defend Derek’s loft. Derek isn’t so keen at first, but there’s no way he can fight off the whole Alpha Pack by himself.

Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 7 Currents Derek

Back at the vet’s office, the Sheriff is already there when Scott turns up. He wants to know everything, but in the other room Scott and Stiles argue about what to do. Scott wants to tell him, but Stiles is worried about his safety.

In the end, though, Stiles agrees that they should tell the sheriff everything. Before they can, however, Ms. Morrell shows up and tell the duo that they need to use the one person that might actually be able to track down the supernatural: Lydia.

Lydia and Aiden are once again in a compromising position, but this time they’re interrupted by a fire alarm. After Aiden leaves, Cora shows up. It gets tense between the two of them, but Stiles gets in the middle of it.

Stiles tries to get Lydia to do a variety of things to find Deaton, but none of them seem to work. (It is important, however, to note that she’s drawn a tree again.) At the end of this unsuccessful session, she says that it’s obvious who they need to talk to: Danny.

Allison texts Scott and says she found something. Unfortunately, as soon as Scott arrives at her apartment, her father comes home. They hide in the closet, but things get a little awkward (and hilarious).

Once Chris leaves, Allison shows Scott what he’s been up to. Apparently he’s been tracking the sacrifices and the dead bodies. Not only that, but it looks like Chris knows where bodies are going to show up. Could this help them find Deaton?

Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 7 Currents Scott

While Stiles digs through Danny’s school bag, he finds a project Danny was working on that might just help them out. Back in Derek’s loft, Derek, Boyd, and Isaac run into a bit of trouble when the power is cut and their grand scheme to fry Kali goes out the window.

Kali shows up with Jennifer, telling Derek that she’ll kill her unless he fights her one on one. While that’s going on, Stiles, Lydia, Scott, and Cora figure out that the sacrifices were taking place on currents that run under Beacon Hills.

But what can the group do when both Deaton and Derek are in trouble? Stiles and the girls go after Derek, while Scott goes off to rescue Deaton on his own. Unfortunately, he finds Deaton surrounded by Mountain Ash. Scott must push through the barrier.

The sheriff shows up just in time to help Scott and get Deaton down. Meanwhile, Stiles, Cora, and Lydia throw the switch and electrify the water. It distracts everyone long enough for Kali to force Derek to kill Boyd.

We get a flashback of Erica at this point, and we see how she died. She tries to attack Kali.

Chris visits Gerard again, asking for more information. He wants to know the whole story about Alexander and Deucalion. Once he leaves, Allison shows up.

Deaton tells Scott his eyes were red, and tell him that he can become a True Alpha, one that rises purely on the strength of character, on virtue, and by sheer force of will.


"Into every generation a messiah is born: one boy in all the world, a chosen one. He alone will wield the strength and skill to fight the demon wolf, geriatric psychopaths, and douchebag lizard co-captains; to stop the spread of their evil and the swell of their number. He is the Teen Wolf."

Was a good episode until the "main character death(s)". Ugh. Liked the Darach stuff and should have known Beacon Hills is on a Hell Mouth. Team Parents, Human, and Messiah Scott FTW.