Beyonce Tells Fan: ‘You Better Put That Damn Camera Down!’

Have you ever been to a concert where it seems as though everyone’s filming, or are too busy trying to Vine, Instagram and Tweet to enjoy the show?

As an artist, Beyonce definitely has a low tolerance for camera phones, especially fans who won’t put down their phones long enough to enjoy a moment. This past weekend, while performing “Irreplaceable” in Atlanta, she had a few select fans assist her in singing the lyrics to the track and noticed one guy who was too busy trying to film video on his phone to join in on the fun. Like a boss, (and sounding like Tina Turner), she told him to put his phone down:

"See, you can’t even sing because you’re too busy taping, I’m right in your face baby, you gotta seize this moment baby!

You better put that damn camera down!"

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