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Glee "Will Likely" Pay Tribute To Cory Monteith

Though the sting of Cory Monteith‘s sudden and shocking death is still fresh, gleeks worldwide are asking one question: How will Cory’s tragic passing affect the future of Glee? A source close to production tells that “there have been zero thoughts or discussions on the direction of the show,” but that Cory’s memory will be honored in some way.

Though nothing is official yet, our source tells us Glee will likely pay tribute to Cory:

With this being so sudden and unexpected, there have been zero thoughts or discussions on the direction of the show. And there will not be any thoughts on how to react to this till some of the grieving process subsides. … But it’s easy to say there will be a tribute episode, and the season will be dedicated in his honor. Cory will have a never-ending connection to the legacy of the show; it will be handled delicately and with the utmost respect. The whole situation is just completely awful, and those [issues] will be addressed … but its safe to say, in the current state people are in over his death, that it will take some time.

When Cory, 31, initially checked into rehab back in April 2013, the writers were forced to work around his sudden absence. was told that “Matthew Morrison was written into new scenes at the last minute to make up for Cory [being away.]“

More work will need to be done by the writers once again — though, this time, it won’t be as easy.

It’s a horrible, morbid thought; I’m not pretending that it’s not. But it certainly wouldn’t be the first time an actor, who passed away in real life, had to be written off a show.

When John Ritter suddenly passed away in 2003 — three episodes into the second season of ABC’s 8 Simple Rules For Dating My Teenage Daughter – production was shut down for two months. The show returned with a two-part episode, “Goodbye,” in which John’s character also died unexpectedly.

More recently, when Dallas star Larry Hagman succumbed to cancer at 81 in 2012, the iconic J.R. was shot once again — this time, for good. Former cast members were asked to return for a beautiful on-screen tribute to the actor, and the character, that fans had spent decades learning to love.

While no decision has been made about Finn’s future on Glee, I would expect nothing less than a stellar tribute to Cory — the heart and soul of the show for four seasons.

And what of Finn’s relationship with Rachel (Lea Michele)? The truth is, Glee has always been about ‘Finchel.’

Finn and Rachel’s romance began on the pilot and has remained one of the backbones of the long-running series ever since. Even when they weren’t together – when Finn thought he got Quinn (Diana Agron) pregnant, or when Rachel was with Jesse St. James (Jonathan Groff), or when she carried on with that no-good Brody (Dean Geyer) — the show was still all about ‘Finchel.’

Rachel may have her Broadway dreams to focus on at the moment — I’ve got my fingers crossed for Funny Girl – but nothing in her life was ever more important than her love for Finn. Had he not forced her to move to New York after high school, she was willing to put her musical goals on hold and stay with him in Ohio.

Losing Finn will change Rachel in ways fans — and the show’s writers — can’t even begin to imagine.

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