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8 Things You Can Expect From Britney Spears' 8th Album

1. Executive Producer – Will.i.am

Will.i.am is the confirmed executive producer of Britney’s 8th album. Fans are split about this decision because of Will.i.am’s hit and miss ratio. Big Fat Bass was a messy miss and Scream and Shout was an amazing hit.

On the bright side, Will.i.am has said he wants to take Britney in a more personal direction, which is nice to hear as her music has been devoid of personality and heart in recent years. Lets just hope he doesn’t appear on any features.

3. Producer – William Orbit

Madonna hit-maker, William Orbit has confirmed he is producing some songs for the new album. The amazing producer produced the majority of Madonna’s hit album, Ray of Light and he produced songs for her newest album MDNA. How have Britney and William Orbit never worked together before? If Orbit can craft a hit for Britney, it could be music magic!

4. Writer/Producer – Naughty Boy

Naughty Boy is the new talented producer/singer song-writer on the block and he’s a perfect match for Britney! He’s recently launched his own music career, but has spent the last few years working with Emlie Sandé, Leona Lewis, JLS, Cheryl Cole and Jennifer Hudson.

In a recent interview, Naughty Boy said: “Britney Spears might be coming soon. William Orbit who’s producing some [of her new album], they’re coming down to the studio, him and Britney to work together with me. It sounds really good. I’ve always wanted to work with her but I’d love to do something a bit different.”

Yesterday at Wireless Festival, he said to MTV News UK: "The Britney Spears session, as far as I know, is a couple of weeks away but we've started a process and I'm working with William Orbit who I'm a massive fan of and he asked me to get on board.

"It's amazing and he's working on the record and the stuff we've done, I hope that it's something that takes her to another level as well so I wouldn't want to do something ordinary with Britney."

6. Writer – Claude Kelly

Claude Kelly has confirmed that he’s writing material for Britney’s new album. His previous Britney work includes the genuis Circus and the pop-slice Criminal. If Claude could give us something more like Circus, rather than Criminal, we’d be onto a winner!

He said in an interview recently: “When I write for her, I kinda ignore the directions. I just write what I think is a great pop song, and I’ve been lucky that she’s taken it two albums now.”

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