Arabella (aria_grace) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,

Verdict reached in George Zimmerman trial- Discussion Post.

No source yet but its all over TV and is a breaking news update on NBC. I was hoping we could have a post to discuss it.

The verdict hasn't been read yet.

The jury returned a not guilty verdict. George Zimmerman will be freed shortly.

George Zimmerman has just been found NOT GUILTY.

thanks zydratee and queengreen for this. The NAACP has a petition to have a civil rights charge brought against Mr. Zimmerman. This is the same route that eventually brought Rodney King some justice. Please consider signing this if you wish to see justice for Trayvon Martin.

My own editorial comment: this is such a tragedy. Not even a manslaughter conviction.

Also- if you have a link or something you think should be incorporated into this post, please put OP in your subject so I catch it. Will do my best to keep up.
Tags: legal / lawsuit, news / news anchors

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