Despite fractured ribs, Mariah prepares for charity concert; wears ★ diamond ★ sling

Mariah's publicist Cindi Berger has tweeted two photos and an update from backstage at the MLB All-Star Charity concert for Sandy Relief. Berger reports that Mariah's makeup artist, Kris Buckle, had to stop attempting to cover up Mariah's bruises because it was too painful for her. She also states that Mariah had to drop "We Belong Together" from the setlist due to painful breathing and fractured ribs.

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Cindi Berger
@MariahCarey carefully gets ready 4 MLB concert. Had 2 drop hit WBT from set due 2 painful breathing/fractured ribs

@KristoferBuckle makeup guru says covering bruises is too painful so he stopped. Hopefully the fans will understand