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Jonas Bros Megapost: Brotherly Quizzes, who changes diapers the fastest and more

The guys stopped by Radio Disney and answered a few questions about how well they know each other:
Nick's pet!

Radio Disney also gave the guys a hilarious flashback to their very first interview. Joe making fun of Nick's Mickey Mouse voice is funny:

They did another Radio Disney interview in Chicago for the weekly countdown on Radio Disney

The guys also stopped by B96 before their concert in Chicago this week to talk about the tour, who will be Kevin's baby's godfather, and their new single/album:

And finally, the guys stopped by Kiss FM in Chicago. Kevin discussed his baby announcement and the guys had a laugh over the @lilbabyjonas twitter:

Joe reminds everyone he is a certified babysitter in the state of New Jersey and therefore is qualified to change diapers. Nick...not so much:

Nick talks about the new album:

They talk about their 3 year break, Joe's trip to Kenya

Who is the messiest brother on tour, and Nick vents about Kevin wasting all of Nick's Smart Water:

Love how much press they are doing for this tour!
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