Driving Miss Paula “Black People for Paula” Group To Host a “We Forgive You” Rally In Time Square

paula een driving miss

Black People for Paula,” want you to know that Paula Deen supporters aren’t just white people who are mad they can’t use the “N-word.” There are black people standing in solidarity with the disgraced cook show host, who admitted to planning a slavery-themed wedding and calling black people racist slurs.

Said black people have created a fanpage called “Black People for Paula,” detailing why they’ve forgiven Paula Deen for her “mistake.” An excerpt from their page:

“The word Paula used was horrible. S​he has admitted that what she said was wrong and hurtful. She gave an extremely heartfelt apology and I forgive her, my family forgives her and the African American community forgives her. We have all made at least one mistake that we wish never happened. Paula Deen should not have to continue to suffer for one mistake. [...] Black leaders such as the Rev. Jesse Jackson and the Rev. Al Sharpton have forgiven Paula. The Black community has forgiven Paula, it’s time for us all to open our hearts and give this good woman a second chance.”

Who wants to tell them Paula’s under fire for more than just one word?

These supporters are organizing a rally in Times Square on August 16th, strategically timed during the 7 AM filming of “Good Morning America.” There, they will wave a banner that reads “We forgive you, Paula,” wear pink t-shirts that say “Black People for Paula” and work on compiling a book of positive comments to send to Deen and the many companies who dropped her.

We can’t help but wonder if Judy Smith asked one of her friends to come up with this page.


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"My family forgives her and the African American community forgives her"
Bitch please, speak for yourself.