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'Crystal Fairy' Director: 'I Highly Recommend Kids To Take Drugs'

'Crystal Fairy' Director On Mescaline: Sebastian Silva Says Everyone Should Try The 'Spiritual' Drug

If it's not clear from his new movie, "Crystal Fairy" director Sebastian Silva is in favor of a little drug experimentation -- but only when dealing with "spiritual" substances.

While speaking to Uinterview, Silva said he believed it was important for people to seek famed drugs like mescaline, the hallucinogen that becomes the center of "Crystal Fairy."

"I highly recommend kids to take drugs," the director said. "But I'm not talking about cocaine or crystal meth. You know, what I'm talking about is Aldous Huxley kind of stuff."

Because religion can be hard to "buy into," Silva said, spiritual drugs -- products that are often said to provide inner awakenings and deeper connections with one's true self, a la LSD and other hallucinogens -- will foster a "relationship with yourself that is outside of, like, mundane experience."

But Michael Cera, who stars in the movie and is featured alongside Silva in the interview, chimed in to offer a conflicting viewpoint on the director's liberal take. Cera admitted during an appearance on HuffPost Live this week that he and co-star Gaby Hoffmann took actual mescaline while filming "Fairy," but he doesn't condone drug activity.

"The kids that I grew up with that have done drugs have been really sad to watch," Cera said. "I've seen it get bad with people."

But Silva says it's "wrong to consider mescaline a drug and put it in the same bag as crack."

"Fairy" receives a limited release this weekend. Head over to Uinterview to watch Cera and Silva discuss drugs and other aspects of the movie.

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