Black Twitter Ethers Paula Deen, Again

Paula Deen is clearly unaware how this whole Twitter things functions. Today (July 11), the TV chef who lost a gang of endorsement deals thanks to her racists rhetoric caught the wrath of the Internets thanks to an ill timed tweet. "My favorite potluck dish is ______ RT me your answer!," tweeted Deen shortly after 4 pm (op: more like a staff member tho). A number of factors led to the subsequent wave of slander. One, Paula Deen's use of the N-word and its fall out is still fresh on the minds of many. Two, today was the closing arguments from the prosecution in the George Zimmerman trial. So the righteous Tweeters who feel that America should be spelled with three K's were already riled up. Lastly, Black Twitter will seize any open invitation to clown someone wheneverit can, and that tweet was just too damn easy to pass up.

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not as funny/original as the past one, but still hft