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Laguna Beach and The Hills: Where Are They Now?

Starting today, MTV will be rerunning old episodes of The Hills and Laguna Beach all throughout the Summer, so we thought it was high time that we caught up with our favorite group of high schoolers and Hollywood partygoers. Sure, you may already know what Lauren Conrad it up to, but keep reading to find out which cast member is currently working for Vera Wang, which star opened his own hair salon, and who just can't seem to quit reality TV.

Lauren Conrad

Despite quitting The Hills ahead of its final season, Lauren Conrad has proven that reality stars can sometimes have serious lasting power — if they know how to manage their careers correctly. Lauren is still living in LA, has written a successful series of young-adult novels, and has established herself as a style and beauty guru. She also oversees her successful fashion line Paper Crown and her popular Kohl's line, LC by Lauren Conrad. In the relationship department, Lauren got serious with actor Kyle Howard from 2008 through 2011 and is now happily dating former Something Corporate guitarist William Tell.

Stephen Colletti

Of all of the Laguna Beach kids, Stephen Colletti was the only one who created a successful acting career. Following his time on the hit show, Stephen worked as a VJ for MTV and, in 2007, landed a recurring role on The CW's One Tree Hill. In 2011, he started dating actress Chelsea Kane, who even appeared in the final season of One Tree Hill back in 2012.

Kristin Cavallari

After The Hills, Kristin Cavallari landed bit roles in movies and TV shows and even competed on the Fall 2011 season of Dancing With the Stars. She started to date Jay Cutler in 2010 and, after an on-again, off-again romance, the two got married in June. Kristin and Jay have a son, Camden, who was born in August 2012. Despite burying the hatchet many years ago, Lauren Conrad revealed that she is not on speaking terms with her former rival Kristin.

Trey Phillips

Trey Phillips showed off his budding fashion talent during the first season of Laguna Beach, and it looks like his hard work has finally paid off. After the show, Trey moved to NYC to study design at Parsons. He still lives in the Big Apple and works as an associate designer for Vera Wang. Trey is still close to his costars Stephen Colletti, Lauren Conrad, and Dieter Schmitz.

Christina Schuller

Christina Sinclair (née Schuller) was vocal about pursuing an acting career during her time on Laguna Beach, but she has switched her focus to healthy living. Following the show, Christina got married and now works as a certified fitness instructor in Laguna Beach. She also runs a website, Beach Babe Fitness, where she gives exercise and diet tips.

Talan Torriero

After Laguna Beach, Talan Torriero remained in gossip headlines for his relationships with Kimberly Stewart (aka Rod Stewart's daughter) and Nicole Scherzinger. After studying at the University of San Francisco for two years, Talan moved back to LA, where he now works in marketing with a focus on social media.

Jessica Smith

Following her appearance on Laguna Beach, Jessica Evans (née Smith) dropped out of the limelight and did not pursue a career in film or television. By the looks of her Twitter account, she is now a stay-at-home mom to two children and is still living in California.

Morgan Olson

Morgan Smith (née Olson) stood out as the cheerful brunette in the first season of Laguna Beach who was focused on finding the right Mormon man. Well, her dream came true, as Morgan got hitched to Joel Smith in 2010 after graduating from BYU in 2008 with a degree in humanities and journalism. Now, Morgan lives in LA, where she works as a digital marketing project manager at Bugaboo. She previously worked at Guess and Elle magazine.

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