Ashley (winterburg) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,

Guess who I met!

Donald Sutherland!

My friends and I were walking around trying to find One Direction before their concert that night (don't laugh) and we were standing outside the Ritz Carlton when Donald Sutherland walked by, with a couple guys around him. No one seemed to pay attention to him, probably because 99% of us were teenage girls desperately trying to find spot a british boy band. But I saw him, pointed him out to my friends, and we followed him a few feet before I said, "Donald!" I know it's kind of silly but I panicked, I'd never met a celebrity before so I just yelled his name. Maybe I should have yelled Mr. Sutherland but I don't know. Anyways, he stopped and turned around and for a second I thought oh my god, that's just some random old guy. But he smiled and said, "I hope you don't think I'm from that boyband."

We asked him for a picture and he was very nice, polite and quiet. He had his arm around me, hehe, and I said "I love your work!" He said "thank you very much," and when we said thank you for the picture he said no problem ladies, have a nice day.

IT WAS SO AWESOME! Not only did I see Bruno Mars and One Direction in concert, but I randomly met Donald Sutherland.

And for those wondering, no, we didn't find One Direction :( They're very good. No one knows which hotel they're staying at, but they did go out clubbing last night for their drummer's birthday.

Great trip I had to Toronto :)

Tags: actor / actress, guess who
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