Has Disney Lost Its Movie Magic?

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Following its disappointing opening weekend, "The Lone Ranger" continues to drastically underperform at the box office. It's a bomb that could cost Disney roughly $190 million once the dust settles.

But the masked man isn't alone in Disney's dunces' corner. Last year the epic-sized "John Carter," went $200 million in the red. Add to that 2011's "Mars Needs Moms" and 2010's "The Sorcerer's Apprentice" — were both major misses for Disney (see list below). The list of attempts to create gigantic franchise hit machines that died in the cradles with their first film now stretches out a mile long — "Haunted Mansion" "Country Bears" and "Prince of Persia" to name a few.

So has Disney lost that special spirit that made its name almost synonymous with feel good, family entertainment for so long? Has Tinkerbell's fairy dust blown away from the movie studio?

Yes and no. Disney has done well with the "Pirates of the Caribbean" and "National Treasure" series (the latter of which oddly had only two installments), but the majority of their critical and commercial successes over the past several years have mostly come from films released through Pixar and Marvel Studios, two companies the Mouse House acquired; purchases that Paul Dergarabedian of Hollywood.com calls "two of the best corporate decisions ever made." While they may not bear the Disney label, the profits for this year's hit "Monsters University" and last year's smash "The Avengers" go into the same pockets.

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