Bitchy Resting Face: The Celebrity Edition

Late last month, a well-circulated comedy video gave a name to a condition that affects thousands of womenand men!in every walk of life: Bitchy Resting Face. Maybe you know someone who suffers from this affliction; someone whose natural expression is angry, or kind of mean, even when he or she is just sitting around reading Us Weekly like a normal human. It can be hard to navigate the world with Bitchy Resting Face — people think you're mad at them, and you are less popular at parties. But imagine how hard it is to be a celebrity with Bitchy Resting Face. The whole world thinks you're bratty and ungrateful, and suddenly you are on the Most Hated celebrity lists, all because of nature. It is time for this injustice to end. And so Vulture presents our initial guide to the Bitchy Resting Faces of Famous People, in the hopes that they too can find acceptance in this cruel world. (Feel free to add your own.)


Poor KStew is the poster girl for Bitchy Resting Face, even though she clearly contains an ocean of feelings. ("I love him, I love him, I'm so sorry." Remember it always.) Wouldn't you get tired of smiling during your billionth Twilight press conference?


Lesson: the goatee is the frowniest of facial hair choices, and it should be avoided at all costs.


This is also known as her "I Have No Idea What to Do With My Hands" Face.


All he wants is positive! All he wants is dopeness! (Also: The goatee strikes again.)


Charlize Theron is a good example of making BRF work for you. Snow White and the Huntsman? Young Adult? Neither would be possible without this expression. Bitchy Resting Face does not have to mean a life of quiet intimidation, friends. Have hope! And only smile when you want to.

Four more celebs diagnosed with BRF at the ( SOURCE )

Well played, Vulture.

Which celebrity do YOU think has the worst/best case of Bitchy Resting Face, ONTD?