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Jay-Z stops at Hot 97 to talk Magna Carta, Miley, Obama and more

Fresh off his almost-all-day Twitter Q&A session yesterday, Jay-Z popped into Hot 97 today (July 9) to chat with his longtime bud Angie Martinez and talk all things Magna Carta Holy Grail. Check out the highlights from the interview below plus audio.

On the RIAA changing their rules for Magna Carta Holy Grail
"If you did 500,000 digital, 200 thousand, whatever the metrics is, they should certify what's digital. It should've been happening. I was just the agent of change."

On unveiling his Magna Carta Holy Grail artwork at Salisbury Cathedral
"That wasn't easy."

On whether he's surprised about moves he pulls off
"It's a bit of business acumen and it's a bit of believing I can and not being afraid to fail. That holds a lot of people back, that fear of failure."

On whether he hates failing
"I'm a person that loves winning. [But] I don't hate to lose. That's a different personality trait. Some people hate to lose and that drives them."

On being a father
"[It's] just more reaffirming the things that's really important in life and editing your life in such a way that you don't have anything that's distracting you. Anything that's taking away from that time you should be with your child."

On growing up with both parents
"They were together my early years, till I was 9 or something. That's what made it worse—'cause I knew. Some people don't even get to feel that sort of love at all so you can't miss what you don't have. It's still this empty feeling. There's more of an empty feeling having it then having it taken away from you."

On watching TV
"I'm watching the [George Zimmerman] trial heavy right now. I was just looking at the news and like it's strange how you can see everyone's agenda... CNN is almost like TMZ. Certain things it's like, Aw man this is really just entertainment. It's really all for ratings. And you squeeze a bit of information in there... [Sports], that's the only thing that's real. The outcome of that is real. Although people want to believe that it's fixed. That's the real reality show."

On his stake in the Brooklyn Nets
"Everyone may try to trivialize my whole involvement in the Nets to a percentage. Okay, which one is it? Am I all about money or do I... It's difficult to keep up with."

On living without money
"I don't need money... I think success is just being able to do what you want to do no your terms."

On Miley Cyrus
"[She's] just being Miley herself, expressing herself. I think [her behavior is] more a reaction to people wanting her to be Hannah Montana. I'm just watching the situation. People want her to be something and she's like, 'I'm not that... You want me to be 6 years old forever?' That must be frustrating. And this is her reaction to it." On the Yeezus album "I love it. It's polarizing because it's art. That's what art is. It forces you to have an opinion. What's good for the genre is it pushes you forward... It's needed."

On having Barack Obama "on the text"
"Yeah, I've spoken to him on the phone and had texts… Yes, that's happened and it's amazing. He's a regular guy as well. He's very heavy into sports so a lot of his analogies end in sports… I don't know if this is reaching National Security, but when he was getting elected the second time, he was like, 'Fourth quarter, just gimme the ball.'"

On Beyonce's Life Is But A Dream HBO documentary
"It gave me a little anxiety, but it's something that she had to do, she wanted to do… You feel weird just putting yourself out there in that sort of way, especially when you reveal so much in your music. It's like, any more? I'm naked out here."

On whether he'll have more kids
"Absolutely. God willing… A little basketball team."

On whether there will be a Watch The Throne 2
"Yeah, hopefully."

On his relationship with Damon Dash
"The thing we built , you can't take that away so no matter what, the love is still there. Because what we've done will forever be stamped in history... We created something that's gonna go down forever. So I can only have love for Dame. I just don't know where we are in our life--We're not the same two men at that time when we gelled in that way. I haven't seen him in a while. I have ultimate confidence in him that he'll find his way 'cause he's an amazing and smart guy.... He's a hustler and he's highly intelligent, so I always root for him and always believe that he'll find his way out of it. But I can't control what happens in life."

On Blue Ivy
"She's very musically inclined. Amazing rhythm. She's around music all the time."

Listen to the interview HERE and HERE PT.2


He also apparently said this: "Right now Bey has 100,000 amazing new songs playing in the house that we dance to in our socks." Why you doin' this to me hov?

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