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50 Cent Says He’s Rewriting His Will After Text Messages To His Son Leak

50 cent definitely won’t be vying for any father of the year spots anytime soon.

Earlier today, a text message exchange between Fiddy and his 16-year-old son Marquise hit the web, which did an excellent job of painting him as a horrible dad who likes to say “F-ck you” to his son and tell him he’s “f-cking stupid” often. In response, 50 took to his twitter and admitted that those texts, which were released by Radar Online, belonged to him but it was his child’s mother that was texting him the entire time and pretending to be his son.

He wrote to his followers:

That was his mother texting me as him.she sold that to a web site.she hate me for Winning, it’s hard to replace me.

Read the text carefully you will see what I’m saying.

He also claimed that the entire situation made him rewrite his will:

I rewrote my will today now when I pass away all my physical property’s and MOST of my money go’s to charities and TIFFANY LIGHTY so when I’m done she can be 50cent

That’s tough.

Ironically, just months ago, 50 Cent posed with Tiffany Lighty (Chris Lighty’s daughter) for a spread on that profiled his many cars while excluding his son from the shoot.

Meanwhile, Marquise hasn’t been too quiet through all of this. Earlier today, he tweeted (and then deleted):

And he followed it up with the caption: “Even if she’s working or not, she’s always been there.”

Marquise also retweeted Oprah who said: “I believe Fathers not showing up for their sons has left a hole in the soul of our country,” and Aubrey O’Day who posted, “Having a child doesn’t make you a father. Having the courage to raise one does!” Both were tweeting in response to Oprah’s ‘Fatherless Sons’ Lifeclass which aired last night on OWN.

Maybe Iyanla can fix this…
Recent pic of Marquis and his mom Shaniqua Tompkins.


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